What’s Filming in Vancouver Now?


Here’s a look at the movie and TV projects in production right now in Vancouver, BC:

Movie: Game Over, Man
Stars: Adam Devine
Date: through 6/5/17
Code/Sign Name:

Movie: Hard Powder
Stars: Emmy Rossum
Date: through 5/24/17
Code/Sign Name:

Movie: Dead Pool 2 (Love Machine)
Stars: Ryan Reynolds
Date: 6/19/17 – 9/18/17
Code/Sign Name:

Movie: The Predator (Ollie)
Stars: Olivia Munn
Date: through 5/15/17
Code/Sign Name: TCF

Movie: Stingray
Stars: Jon Bernthal
Date: 4/24/17 – 5/29/17

Code/Sign Name:

TV Series: Singularity
Stars: Damon Wayans Jr.
Date: 5/8/17 – 5/17/17
Code/Sign Name:

TV Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Stars: Neil Patrick Harris
Date: begins 4/17/17
Code/Sign Name:

TV Series: Altered Carbon
Stars: Joel Kinnaman
Date: through 6/20/17
Code/Sign Name: ACP

TV Series: Arrow
Stars: Stephen Amell
Date: through 4/20/17
Code/Sign Name: OQF/OQF2/Oliver

TV Series: Beyond
Stars: Jonathan Whitesell
Date: through 8/16/17
Code/Sign Name:

TV Series: Campbell
Date: through 6/5/17
Code/Sign Name:

TV Series: Ghost Wars
Date: 5/1/17 – 9/11/17
Code/Sign Name:

TV Series: Lost In Space
Stars: Molly Parker
Date: through 6/26/17
Code/Sign Name: MAYFLOWER

TV Series: Somewhere Between
Stars: Paula Patton
Date: through 6/15/17

TV Series: Supergirl
Stars: Melissa Benoist
Date: through 4/26/17
Code/Sign Name: SG2

TV Series: Supernatural
Stars: Jared Padalecki
Date: through 4/26/17

TV Series: The Flash
Stars: Grant Gustin
Date: through 4/21/17
Code/Sign Name: CCF

TV Series: The Man In The High Castle
Stars: Alexa Davalos
Date: through 10/17/17
Code/Sign Name:

TV Series: Travelers
Stars: Eric McCormack
Date: through 7/28/17
Code/Sign Name: TVLR

TV Series: UnReal
Stars: Shiri Appleby
Date: through 5/11/17
Code/Sign Name: UNP

TV Series: Van Helsing
Stars: Kelly Overton
Date: through 5/30/17
Code/Sign Name: VH

TV Series: Zoo
Stars: James Wolk
Date: through 6/20/17
Code/Sign Name: UPI

TV Movie: Betting on the Bride
Date: 4/24/17 – May 10/17
Code/Sign Name:

TV Movie: Emma Fielding Mysteries
Stars: Courtney Thorne-Smith
Date: through 4/24/17
Code/Sign Name:

Source: Creative BC/What’s Filming