‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is filming in NYC this week

This is not a drill! Avengers: Infinity War will be filming in New York City this week!

After speculation that the movie, which has been primarily filming in the U.K. and Georgia, would spend a few days filming in NYC back in May, we can now confirm the latest Avengers film will be shooting in New York in the coming days.

Thanks to one of our Twitter tipsters, @XMelDNY, we know there are signs for Mary Lou, The Avengers: Infinity War’s working title, outside of 8-08 Queens Plaza S, Long Island City for filming on Tuesday, July 11.

There is no word about who will be on set, or what they will be filming, but the latest set photos from Atlanta have included Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Rudd.

If you spot The Avengers filming in NYC, be sure to let us know about it at [email protected]!



  1. Could it be the threat of thunderstorms this week? Any sightings of any of the actors, particularly Benedict Cumberbatch, in town?

  2. The Ravel hotel said they have postponed the shot there for 2-3 times. I’m guessing due to heat or warnings of rain, which there were warnings for today (wednesday, set shooting day)

  3. Anyone know if there are new signs out? Maybe they will film today, tomorrow, weekend, or next week? Any word on the street?

  4. The entire cast was at Disney23Expo this weekend (July 15 and 16) in Aneheim, California and the evening of Friday, July 14, the Marvel site said the film had wrapped in Atlanta. So, from what I saw on the web they were in California and I guess the cast will probably stay in California for Comicon in San Diego.

  5. UPDATE: Avengers Infinity War will, according to signs I saw, film around Spring Studios in New York City (lower manhattan)

  6. Haha thanks Chris! 😉

    I went there yesterday around 11-11.30am and all I saw was a few crew trailers, like for costumes etc. And lots of No Parking flyers. My guess is that they stopped shooting, cancelled it, or had not started yet. I sadly had to leave and could not stick around. And I’m flying back to Sweden tomorrow (friday) so I wont be able to see anything 🙁

    I hope you guys will have better luck!

    (Also, why the f are they not updating the article….)


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