TNT’s ‘Good Behavior’ is headed back to Wilmington, Extras Needed


The second season of the TNT series Good Behavior will begin filming in Wilmington, NC later this month and extras are needed.

Stand-ins, photo-doubles and extras will all be needed beginning on Monday, April 10.

According to a recent casting call on TW Casting’s Facebook Page, they are looking for cars, too:

WILMINGTON, NC: Got a car? Want some extra cash? Why not let your car work while you sit back and relax?

Throughout this season I will be casting some background actors with their cars (when this is the case I will always include the extra rate and the bump rate in the post). That being said, our Picture Car Coordinator also wants to be able to put your cars to work EVEN when we don’t have the need for background actors. See below for more info.

~”Good Behavior” is looking for folks who are interested in having their cars appear in the show. All makes and models, old to new, dirty to clean, little cars to big trucks, motorcycles, tractor trailers, whatever you’ve got!

If you’re close to Wilmington and want to make a little easy money, email a picture of your vehicle and your contact info to our Picture Car Coordinator at [email protected]~

Please direct any questions or concerns to Greg in the e-mail listed above.

As far as where they are filming, we do have a few locations already, and will likely have more next week so keep an eye on our Daily Filming Locations for more info!

Right now we can confirm the show will be filming on Wednesday April 12 on the Scientific Parkway and at Carolina Marine Terminal, 3330 River Rd in Wilmington.

If you spot Good Behavior filming, let is know at [email protected]!


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