‘Jurassic World 2’ to film in Wales


Seemingly the entire planet has been waiting for the sequel to 2015’s wildly popular movie, Jurassic World ever since we watched Bryce Dallas Howard coax the T-Rex out of her habitat to battle the great Indominus Rex.

Now, Howard has confirmed that the sequel has not only being produced but also that the production is beginning very soon. According to Howard, she and co-star Chris Pratt will both be returning to their roles for the second movie, tentatively titled Jurassic World 2. As she told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m getting ready to go to [film] Jurassic [World 2]. I’m leaving really soon. It’s awesome. Now we’re in the flow of things where everyone is talking every day and we’re gonna go put on a show!” The latest installment in the storied Jurassic Park franchise earned $1.67 billion worldwide and was the second highest grossing film in 2015 domestically (only behind The Force Awakens), so it was pretty much a given that a sequel was on its way.

Director J.A. Bayona has also confirmed that Brecon Beacons, Wales will be one of the filming locations for the film. It had long been rumored that this would be where at least some of the production will be taking place, but now we know for sure. Other rumored production sites include London and the United Kingdom’s Pinewood Studios. While these other locations have not been ruled out, we do know now that the rumor about Wales was true. While the director did not provide precise details about the additional filming locations or the shooting schedule, he has been teasing fans of the franchise on social media. Bayona recently shared an image of some hard hats bearing the Jurassic World emblem with a caption that reads, “Ready to begin the journey.”

The movie is tentatively scheduled to be released in June of 2018, so we can assume that shooting will begin shortly since principal photography and all the post-production on movies like these take more than a year to complete. We do not yet have any details on the script or plot of the new movie, but it will of course feature all the special effects and scary creatures we have come to expect from the franchise since the first Jurassic Park movie was released to both critical and popular acclaim in 1993. No matter where the movie is shot or when it is finally released, one thing is for sure. People around the globe will immediately flock to theaters to see it.



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