Billie Lourd’s ‘Scream Queens’ co-stars send her much love on social media


My heart is breaking for Billie Lourde, and her entire family, today. I've grown particularly found of Billie over the first two seasons of Scream Queens. In my opinion, she was the breakout star of that show and one of the only reasons I kept watching to the end. I think Buzzfeed captured the brillance of her character, Chanel #3, perfectly as they explained why she is really all of us.

But today, above all else, Billie is young woman who has unexpectedly lost her mom and I'm sure we can all imagine the pain she's in, especially since she seemed to have a very special relationship with her mother, Carrie Fisher. As everyone is talking about the importance of Princess Leia, let us not forget that for Fisher, I'm sure her daughter was her most important legacy.

As I've been scrolling through social media tonight I've noticed most of Billie's Scream Queens co-stars have sent her love and well wishes. I thought I'd gather those thoughts here as a reminder to us all, that above all, we need to send our loving energy Billie's way today.

If you'd like to do more, consider donating to the International Bipolar Foundation, a condition she continuously worked to bring attention after being diagnosed with the condition in her late 20s.


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