‘Sinister 2’ is looking for extras in Chicago!


Sinister 2, the sequel to the popular film of the same name, will begin filming in the Chicago area in this month and they need extras.

The casting team is looking for kids and teenagers aged 7-18 year olds of all shapes and sizes, as well as an overweight male around 12-15 year old according to the film's Facebook page.

As a warning to parents, the original Sinister was an R-rated film that involved hangings and plenty of gore. Extras may be required to act in scary scenes that are "graphic in nature"  and involve "blood and disturbing themes".

They are also looking for men and women in their 30s to 40s to play parents for one or two day scenes, specifically Caucasian model types, Caucasian church-going types, and Latino, Mexican, and Asian working class types. As well, they are seeking 6-80 year-old people of all ethnicities and body types.

The Facebook page states that filming will take place from August 18 to the end of September in Grant Park, Kankakee and St. Anne.

If you have any info, photos, and/or tips about the filming of Sinister 2, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected], or tweet us at twitter.com/olv!



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    Jennifer Chen

    I would love to be apart of this!I’m 12 but I do look quite a couple years older than 12.I’m the normal height for a 12 year old and I am a hardworking.Especially in a project like this and I don’t give up that easily.

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