How to be an Extra on ‘The Originals’


Filming of the The Originals first season is winding down but, the show has already been renewed so there will be plenty more chances to be an extra on the series!

The Originals is set in New Orleans but is primarily filmed in and around Atlanta and Conyers, GA.

If you're in Georgia and want to be a background actor in The Originals, check out Tammy Smith Casting's Facebook page to see their most recent casting calls.

For example, today they were looking for "young, pretty/attractive women, Ages 18 to 30, to play a featured extra as a vampire victim (being fed a vampire!!)" and a man "to be a COP who gets killed by a vampire, Ages 25 to 45."

If you think you would be a good fit for the show, you can register for work with Tammy Smith Casting here.

Would you rather be a part of The Vampire Diaries? Find out how to be an extra on TVD here.


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