Must See Filming Locations: ‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Teller-Morrow Automotive


Sons of Anarchy is set in the fictional Northern California Town of Charming but is filmed in and around Los Angeles.

The show has a unique filming set up because their studio - where all of the interiors of their homes and offices are shot - is directly connected to the exterior set of their main location, the Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair Shop.

It isn't that unusual to have an exterior set near the studio on a back lot, but it is unusual for that exterior set to be accessible to the road and be easily seen from the road, too.

If you look at the photos and the map below, you can see where the show's studio (Stage 5 of Occidental Studios) is located and where the garage is in relation to it. If you watch the show you'll also recognize the parking lot that leads out to Radford Ave in North Hollywood. The exact address for the studio lot is 7333 Radford Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605.

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garage highlighted

In addition to North Hollywood, the show also recreates Charming in Tujunga, CA. The 10000 block of Commerce Ave in Tujunga has been used for Charming's main drag several times. In this past season, the club's new meeting spot/ice cream shop is located on San Fernando Rd in San Fernando, CA, and several exteriors of the characters' homes have been filmed in Sunland, CA.

But, if you can only see one SOA filming location, we'd make it Teller-Morrow since it plays such a crucial role in the series.

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    Hi, I have searched and searched to try & find hotels near to where the sons of anarchy is set I am a huge fan and would love to be able to visit from the uk. Does anyone know of any? I would be extremely greatful!
    Thank you:-)

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