The latest ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ filming location news out of Michigan


In just the past couple of weeks there have been several updates on the filming of Batman Vs. Superman, which will begin in Michigan this spring.

Here’s a roundup of the latest:

– The movie’s release date, which was set for the summer of 2015, has now been pushed back to May of 2016.

– Filming, including the Detroit shoot, was to begin in February but has also been pushed back to the spring at the earliest. Some production publications now have the start date pushed all the way back to “Summer, 2014”.

Batman Vs. Superman will be filming under the working title Sage and Milo and the company Crown City Pictures.

– When filming does start one of the locations is expected to be a former Girl Scout Camp off of Caley Road in Metamora Township where they will build a temporary structure.

– Director Zack Snyder was spotted scouting locations on the campus of Michigan State in East Lansing, Michigan. He was specifically looking at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, a modern Zaha Hadid-designed building, with unusual angles and lots of glass-and-steel.

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Update: Henry Cavill has been spotted in Detroit and Deadline is reported the movie’s “main players” are starting work right away but that doesn’t mean they have started principal photography. The movie has been in pre-production for a couple of months in the studio in Pontiac, MI so they may be doing fittings or rehearsals there, but it doesn’t necessarily mean filming is underway. Both the Michigan Film Office and WB have said filming has been delayed so that’s what we’re reporting. We do have a call into the Michigan Film Office to see if they can provide clarification, so stay tuned…

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  1. They are filming in Pontiac, of course there is nothing saying what is being filmed there, but they have put barricades around so you can’t see anything, they did not have that for the transformer movie, also I have been by the Girl Scout camp and there isn’t much going on up there, I think what ever they was or are going to film there is already done, I went by the Girl Scout camp one night and there was a cop parked there, now there is nothing there, so I’m thinking they are done there, but the studio in Pontiac is in full swing


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