Extras needed in Turlock, CA for Corbin Bernsen’s upcoming movie


Psych’s Corbin Bernsen is gearing up to start shooting the untitled romantic comedy which he wrote and will direct in the Turlock, CA area early next month.

“We’re very excited to head up to Turlock and make our next community-based film. That’s really what Home Theater Films is all about — making movies with a community for community,” Bernsen said.

Right now the production is casting about 200 speaking, walk-on, and extra roles. Open casting calls will be held Nov. 25-26 at the Pet Extreme in Turlock. Anyone over the age of 18 is invited to attend and Bernsen is expected to be in attendance.

The film, about a young woman who goes looking for love online, will be shot almost entirely on location around Turlock at 10 East Kitchen & Tap House, Main Street Footers, and other downtown venues.

Filming will run about two weeks, starting Dec. 5 and ending Dec. 18.



  1. I would like to be considered for a part in your film. I live in Florida and am able to travel anytime. I am Retired US Navy E-6 and Scuba Diver since 1972.

    I have been in over 25 film, 30, commercials and 3 TV programs. I have played lead/support lead as a Judge, Mafia Don, Priest, Business Man, Grandfather, Father and Homeless Man.

    You can review my full resume with photos/clips at http://www.photos-by-shack.com/actor.html

  2. I am a resident of Manteca, CA. I have always thought I would do well in this style of a movie. I am in great condition, well groomed, and very confident. Please send me an email address where I can send pics and other info.


  3. I’m retired and live in foothills of the Sierra. I’ve always dreamed of being on the big screen. Even being on a 26″ LED TV screen. I have no acting experience unless one counts a high school play I wrote and performed a thousand years ago. Hopefully the young woman finds her mate. Good luck on the project.

  4. Hello again,

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. This is a new experience for me, so I’m excited to find out how it goes.


  5. 4 years drama in high school. Speech/Drama minor at Chico State. Radio DJ. Country Rock recording artist and concert performer who did all the TV and radio interviews for CAYENNE.
    Preacher, Teacher, Advertising Sales guy, Conferences MC and Director. Adjunct Professor at William Jessup University. Glad you are doing a movie in our backyard and are open to locals. I live in Oakdale, CA (15 miles from site). New at being old. If this sounds interesting to you, I am open for consideration. Sounds both fun and interesting. Wish you well ! I am open for Tuesday anytime if you want me to come. Please respond.

  6. Mature Lady: 62
    Blonde – Blue Eyes – 5’7 Medium Built
    Worked as an extra several times in LA for Danny DiVito Film. Worked with Dick Clark Productions helping with audience seat fillers for various award events and with his first series of “Will You Marry Me.”
    Reliable, easy to get along with. Available for appointment. Currently I produce and promote wedding expos in the Los Angeles area. Live in Turlock, CA appox. 8/10 min. away from your location shoots.
    Thank you for your consideration.


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