‘The Christmas Spirit’ begins filming in Lebanon, OH


Christmas has arrived early in Lebanon, OH.

A new Hallmark Channel made-for-TV movie filming began filming in Lebanon last week with Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan.

Filming for The Christmas Spirit has been taking place on Mulberry Street, which was blanketed with fake snow of Friday. The town also put up wreaths and “Holiday Greetings” banners for the shoot.

Other scenes have been filmed at the Deaconess Hospital in Cincinnati and the Country Kitchen located just east of Lebanon.

The movie is typical Hallmark Holiday fare with Sheridan playing Charlotte Hart, a woman who returns to her small hometown for the holidays and discovers a greedy real estate developer is trying to modernize the town. During her visit, she is injured in a car crash which leaves her body in a coma but her spirit is still very much awake and, as a ghost, she works to stop the developer.

Production on the movie wraps Oct. 18. If you spot them filming, let us know about it at [email protected]!




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    Paul Bartlett

    I spotted them filming today on my way to pick up my neice from school.
    Very Cool! Wish my family and I could have been a part of the extras in the film! 🙂

  2. 2

    I discovered the film being filmed here in lebanon as I couldn’t find a parking spot Monday
    After noon wish I could be an extra being an actor is my dream

  3. 3
    Damian Stout

    I was a Gazebo Caroler on for the filming on Wednesday night, and then just today, I was part of 2 separate church scenes in the sanctuary of the church that I am an actual member of and sing in the choir there. We all had long days, waiting for our scenes to arrive, once we were set with our wardrobe pieces, but we also had a great experience in helping to make this film of “ours” to life as most of the extras were from Lebanon and its surrounding areas!

    I personally love that our director, Jack, and executive producer, Nicollette Sheridan chose our town, Lebanon, to be the “Heart” of this movie set in Laurel Springs!

    What a lovely journey, “The Christmas Spirit” has been! I’m in a movie, and I’m just about to turn 38 (Nov.1st)! 🙂

    Speaking of…Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas.

  4. 4
    Joey Gentry

    My fiance and I were extras in the church scene on Silver Street and the gazebo scene on Mulberry Street (where we happen to live) Wednesday night. Even though we had to wait awhile in between scenes, it was worth it, and a great experience. The crew was very friendly and made us feel comfortable and alot less nervous then we were arriving at the set. We just want to thank the entire production crew for giving us a chance at this once in a lifetime opportunity.

    • 5
      Kathy Jowett

      Was in church scenes casual and midnight mass on Christmas eve. Long day but well worth the experience and opportunity to meet such great people from Lebanon and the crew and production staff from the movie. Thanks Dori and Hollywood you guys make a great team and would love to do it again if you need extras.

  5. 6
    Jan Mains

    I watched the film last night and it was such a thrill to see the town where I grew up. I wish I could
    see it now. I was amazed to see that the Best Cafe is still there, and the old I.O.O.F. building, though it has been ruined by a renovation.

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