‘The Heirs’ spotted filming around Los Angeles


The upcoming Korean drama, The Heirs, has been creating a lot of buzz since it started filming around Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago thanks to its cast which includes Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Krystal.

Today they are filming at Huntington Beach while yesterday they were rumored to be filming at the University of Redlands in Riverside. They’ve also been spotted at L.A.’s famous Capitol Records building and the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

We know lots of people are trying to track down The Heirs filming locations so if you hear any rumors about where they might be filming or spot them yourself, share your info with other fans in the comments below! You can also email us your scoop at [email protected]!


  1. The University of Redlands is actually in Redlands and not Riverside. And yes, they were indeed filming there on the 15th. I was one of the ones lucky enough to be an extra in various scenes they filmed.

  2. can someone out there be so kind to let us know filming location for friday
    i hear many in film business mention there is foreign film shooting in terranea but
    not known if it is “heirs”
    can someone confirm?

  3. Coming into SoCal this Wednesday 9/25 til Sat. 9/28. Would love to catch the filming of Heirs! My BFF’s goal in life is to catch even a glimpse of Lee Min Ho in person! Lol! Appreciate any updates during our stay!

  4. accdg to twitter, LMH is already in Korea…but I’m on episode 5 already of the Heirs, and true enough, LMH character already went back to Korea


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