‘Gone Girl’ filming at Giant City State Park in Makanda, IL this week

gone girl

Gone Girl has set up shop in Cape Girardeau and began filming on location in the area today. The shoot is expected to last for the next five weeks, this according to Cean Chaffin, one of the movies producers.

When asked what she thought about filming in Cape Girardeau, Chaffin said "as a place to be, [Cape Girardeau] is wonderful. As for filming locations, it's turned out to be exactly what we needed. In fact, we are shooting here more days than we planned on because it's working so well."

Hollywood stars involved in the movie include Ben Affleck who will portray the male lead Nick Dunne. Rosamund Pike plays his wife Amy Dunne, Tyler Perry will play Tanner Bolt and Neil Patrick Harris will play Amy Dunne's ex-boyfriend Desi Collins.

It is expected that when filming wraps in the Cape Girardeau area, the remainder of the movie will be shot on stage sets in Los Angeles.

Crews were arrived at Giant City State Park in Makanda, IL, about an hour north of Cape Girardeau, MO. The Giant City Lodge manager says crews will be filming at the state park through Thursday, Sept. 19. All lodges and cabins have been reserved for the production crews.

The movie is scheduled for a release sometime in 2014.

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    I believe Dana misread the information in this article. It says they will be filming in Giant City State Park, in Illinois, until September 19. Then, they will be filming in Cape Girardeau, Mo., beginning today, and for approximately 5 weeks.

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    they are filming this morning at a motel in cape starting about 4am for about 1 – 1 and a half hours..it supposed to be the hide out or something where Ben Affleck’s double will be used for this part of filming. the motel is next door to the pancake house.

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    They are filming shots of Gone Girl in the city of Cape Girardeau Mo. From now untill the end of October. They are filming at the old federal bldg as of 10/01/13. They have several locations around town involved here and its a matter of (when) they will use each location for filming. different place , different day kind of thing.

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