Take A ‘Duck Dynasty’ Tour in West Monroe, LA


Duck Dynasty isn’t just bringing high ratings to A&E, the show is also bringing tourists to West Monroe, Louisiana where the Robertson family lives and films their reality series.

Now, to make things easier for those tracking down the Robertson’s local hangouts, the tourism board has created  the “Official Duck Commander Hometown Tour.”

The tour includes an online brochure with 26 locations featured on the show, including the Duck Commander Store and Warehouse, Haskell’s Donuts, Debbie’s Snowballs, and Danken Trail.

When Alan Robertson was asked what his favorite stop on the tour was he replied, “Well, I’d have to say the Duck Commander is my favorite place, but we’re encouraging you to go to all of the places on the tour.”

Check out the full tour and download the mobile version at duckcommandertour.com.


  1. My son who is about to be 12 is a HUGE Duck Dynasty fan. On October 19 he is having his one year post bone marrow transplant “birthday”. I really want to do something really special. Can anyone tell me how I might could get a personal tour and maybe meet some I the Robertson’s for a one year celebration?

  2. Id like to know how much it cost to take the tour and what days and times they are! I’m a big fan and would like to bring my grandson!

  3. I am trying to find out when there is a tour being held, my roommate/best friend is a huge fan and I was wanting to take her on a tour and maybe even meet one of the guys. Any information regarding this will be greatly appreciated. Thank You Carrie Blackwell

  4. Wanna start by saying that we are from Logansport,LA. Geaux TIGERS!!! And my family and I sit down together every week and watch your show on A&E. My son has even made me send messages and friend requests to Jase on Facebook lol! We love the fact that your family and our own have so many of the same family values and morals. As we have been raised, and are raising our own children in the Bible Belt! And passing down the same kind of ideals to our own. Just wanted to say Thank You for staying true to yourselves and your family! Hoping to come and visit Duck Commander in your hometown soon 🙂 April, Josh & Christopher

  5. hi! we are the rynearsons from iowa. we are planning a trip to west monroe in march and would like a little more info on the available tours. would really like to meet some of the gang if it is even feasible. keep up the good work! love your show!! thanks!

  6. I love your show! I would love to meet Uncle Si! My husband and I are in Milton, Florida this week and were thinking of driving over to West Monroe to the Duck Commander warehouse. If I thought I could actually meet Si or Phil I would make the trip for sure. It takes the whole family to make the show but Uncle Si makes me laugh the most.

    Great show!


  7. I would love to tour your plant and possibly meet a member of the family. I am a Cajun from the Ville Platte, Louisiana, area. We seem to be very much like the Robertsons, in that we react and live like you. I am trying to see as much of our State as I can, and I admire you and your family. You have ideals like us Cajuns (coonass). Please let me know when you have tours and how much they cost. Thank you.

  8. We lost our mom 2 years ago this July the whole time our dad was taking care of our mom he never told us he felt sick to so now were loosing our dad to copd heart failure enpzema he’s at stage 3 now an would like him to meet si r anybody from family he really loves watching the show

  9. I love this family.. I feel like I know them already, there so “down to earth” even though their wealthy. On my golden B-Day im going to west Monroe to try to meet one of the brothers.. preferably Jason 🙂 something in me wants to meet them so badly. It’s the only thing in my life that iv felt like a incredible goal. Even though I probably won’t I pray to God that he can set it up for me. So much admiration for them…


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