Ridley Scott set to film ‘Exodus’ in Almeria, Spain

Ridley Scott is gearing up to begin filming Exodus, about the life of Moses, in various locations around Spain, including Almeria.

The Almeria scenes will focus on Tabernas, Sierra Alhamilla and the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

Back in the spring it was reported that Scott was “looking to mobilize” production on Exodus before the end of the year and was hoping Christian Bale will star.

A casting call is expected to take place soon in Almeria, more than 2000 extras will be needed, with filming taking place this fall.


  1. Living in Tabernas I would be interested in knowing how the filming develops. As a language talent (German, English and Spanish speaking) woman with a lot of know how about the area, horse riding, contacts, locations I could probably be of some use for the filming.



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