Movie extras needed in Buford, GA for new Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie ‘Blended’

We recently told you that Bleneded, the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie, would be filming in Buford/Lake Lanier areawell now it looks as if you might have a chance to be in the movie.

Extras are needed for the new movie about “a couple who, after a bad blind date, reunite at a family resort, where they are each vacationing with their children from previous marriages.” Other actors include Kevin Nealon and Chelsea Handler.

Here is some information about the extras needed:

  • Stand-ins for Sandler and Barrymore
  • couples ages 25 to 70

Filming is expected to take place in the Buford/Lake Lanier area and is supposed to last from from July 15 through Aug. 16, the movie is set to be released in May, 2014.

For more information on the casting call, email Tammy Smith Casting at  [email protected]


  1. I would love to be an extra.. my little girl(7) was in modeling for 2 years.. you can visit my facebook page for pictures lisa christine surig

  2. My better-half and I would lilke to be extras in the upcoming film. We live in Athens, Ga
    If you could give us some information regarding hours, location and salary, we would appreciate it.

    Thanks you.

  3. Would love to shoot with the couple as we grew up together with the same world we now live in! Plus both our sons play local baseball for Buford!

  4. Yes I would like to be a extra or anything else. I am 56 with shoulder length blonde hair. White American Male, weight 175 and height 5’10”. I live in downtown Buford real close to the set house on Shadburn Ferry. Interest I am athletic, play guitar and 22 years of computer Archtectural experience. High School Grad with 2 years college. Have reliable transportation. Thanks for your consideration.

  5. My wife and I are both in our mid 20’s and would be thrilled to be extras . We are just a short drive from the area and would be thrilled to participate .

  6. My husband and I would absolutely love to be extras in this movie! I am 31 and he is 30. We have two girls ages 11 and 3. We live in Lawrenceville, GA and work right around the corner from the Hooters they are filming at right now! Being an extra in Adam Sandler’s movie would definitely scratch one off my bucket list!!!

  7. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and we would love to be extras! We live in Lawrenceville and about a 6 or 7 minute ride to Hooters where I saw filming happening. I am 22 and he will be 22 in a few days!

  8. My daughter Autumn Hughes is life guarding at Lanier World water park at this summer. She would love to be in movie as extra. She is 17, and goes to Buford High School as a Senior this year. She is 5’3″, 106#, with long dark brown hair. She had heard they were looking for life guards to be in movie at the water park for some of the scenes.

  9. for the love of God! If any one finds out ANYTHING please be a sport in telling me the info on this! I live RIGHT out side of Lake laneir! (whatever) and I can be there in no time flat!!! message me on facebook, send me an email!! everything is ALWAYS open!! PLEASE HALP I NEED THIS!

  10. My husband and I would love to be extras in the movie.We live in Buford right up the street from where your filming on South Hill street.I’m 38 and my husband is 39 and we have 3 children and a grandchild,their ages are 19,12,11 and 2.

  11. Probably to late but instead of a pool guy why not use a HVAC guy. That could be a heated part fixing there a/c instead of the pool. Anyway have a great time in Buford a lot of nice people.

    Mike Gossett local A/C company Make it A great Day.

  12. I live in buford/lake Lanier area and have four daughters.. We are currently in contact with Tammy Smith she has all my info via her gmail account. Feel free to give me a call, 678-431-8316 Donovan

  13. My husband and I are fr Atlanta and would love the opportunity to participate in such a great event!!! We would work hard!!! Thanks!!!! Love Adam sandler and drew Barrymore together!!! Hope to hear from you!!

  14. HEY YOU!!!!! YES YOU!!!:-) I am what you are looking for…..I am a Buford bred and raised homegrown gal. I am a single 37 yr old mother of 3….If I can handle that then I can definitely handle the role of a SUPERSTAR!!:-) Please consider me for any part as an extra. Thanks a bunch!!! CALL ME:-) 404-200-1891!!!!

  15. I live in the neighborhood that you all are set up in. Can wait to see you all out and acting. I hope you can accept me into your need actress/actors list although I am 21 a.k.a not 25… :/ ??? BUT I would love to help. 😀

  16. Interested in your extra positions. Singer songwriter, female, blonde blue eyed, natural looking, 51 years old great smile. 678.879.2109
    I live near in downtown Buford where your currently filming and can be there in one minute.

    Take care and good luck filming


  17. I do not have a website but I have 11 year old triplets, 2 girls and a boy that would love nothing more than to be extras on this film…what a great addition to our Georgia vacation!

  18. Im a house wife and live in Flowery Branch:) my husband (he is a firefighter) & we have a 14 daughter, 9 son and a 5 year old daughter. Would LOVE to be extras in your movie.

  19. I would have really enjoyed being an extra on Blended. But I don’t think they would have wanted or needed someone in a wheelchair.. Yes.. I am the Wheelchair lady that sat outside of Hooters ALL day in the sun just to get a glance or maybe even a pic with Adam Sandler. I did get his Autograph though & was the only person who got one. Thank You very much Adam I look at it everyday. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me since I’ve moved here in Buford, GA in 2004. You made my day much better.


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