20 new photos of Tom Hardy on the set of ‘Animal Rescue’ in Brooklyn

This week Tom Hardy continued filming his latest project, Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, and once again he was nothing but gracious to all of the fans who waited near the set to meet him, and his co-star Noomi Rapace.

Tom never seems to mind meeting fans. Our readers have told us he's taken the extra time to talk to their kids, pet their dogs, and sign their memorabilia, then he even thanks them for waiting for him to finish shooting!

Here is another collection of photos fans have sent us from the set of Animal Rescue.

Courtesy of @shsu12:







@justnchris (and her kids!):








Finally, thanks to @alix914 for the top photo! If you have set photos to share thanks to one of our tips, let us know via email at [email protected]!



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