‘Chicago Fire’ filming in Skokie, IL tomorrow

Chicago Fire is leaving the firehouse tomorrow to spend the day filming in Skokie, IL.

According to our tipsters, the cast and crew will spend Thursday, Feb. 28, filming at Haben Funeral Home, 8057 Niles Center Road, in Skokie.

There are no details available about what exactly they are filming, but we would have to assume it is a funeral.

Recently, one of the show’s stars, Taylor Kinney, talked about how important the city of Chicago is to the show:

Chicago in itself, that’s the thing, like [executive producer] Dick Wolf was saying, it’s not a fire of the week show. The city of Chicago serves as a character in its own right. Because we utilize locations where the firefighters that we have and the men and women that serve as guides in helping us along and helping with how you go about the job are locals and city of Chicago residents. So there’s going to be a feel to it that you wouldn’t get if we were to shoot on stage in L.A.

If you spot Chicago Fire filming in Chicago, or Skokie, let us know about it at [email protected]!

Thanks to @aem1469 @Rescue_17 & @DK2Go for the info!



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