Join the ‘I’d Like To Thank… Project’ and tell the world who you’re grateful for

Watching the Academy Awards tonight, instead of critiquing dresses and laughing as the presenters' fumbles,  I'm thinking about all of the people in my own life who have inspired, helped, or supported me in achieving my dreams.

Most of us will never win an Academy Award, but we all will or have achieved something we were proud of, landing our a first job, graduating from college, acing a seemingly impossible test, there's an endless list of achievements in all of our lives and, no matter how big or small, we've all had people who've helped us. But, unlike tonight's lucky Oscar winners, most of us won't be able to publicly thank them.

So, I thought it would be fun to launch a new project in which people can thank those in their lives for helping them achieve their goals, or supporting them in the dreams they hope to achieve, by using the typical awards show acceptance speech format. And, I'm hoping that by next year's Oscar ceremony we'll have enough to put together a book or a video blog that will remind others to be grateful, too.

So, if you want to participate in OLV's I'd Like To Thank... Project submit either a link to a 2 minute YouTube video of you giving your "acceptance speech", or type out a transcript of the speech in the comments below or in our forum (for longer speeches). You can be sincere and thoughtful or just have fun with it! It's up to you! And be sure to include your achievement, not only who you want to thank.

Need some inspiration? Here's a link to the 20 Most Memorable Oscar Acceptance Speeches.

Oh, and here's a spoiler, there might be some surprise prizes along the way for the most creative speeches, too!!


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