UPDATED: ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ spotted filming in Queens, NY today

As we reported, several casting calls were posted earlier this month for a Funeral/Wake scene for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 filming tomorrow, Feb. 14, and it looks like we might have discovered where that scene will be shot.

According to one of our commenters, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is shooting a cemetery scene later today at the Lutheran Cemetery in Queens, NY. Trailers are parked on Myrtle Ave and Freshpond Road.”

Though the tip is for shooting today, we suspect they might actually be filming tomorrow, or both days. If you can confirm the news, or have an other scoop about where Amazing Spider-Man 2 is filming, let us know via email at [email protected]!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 began filming at Grumman Studios in Bethpage, NY last week. According Columbia Pictures, the movie will be the first in the franchise to be filmed entirely in New York State. Filming is expected to last through mid-July.


One of our regular readers checked out the cemetery (and Myrtle/Freshpond Rd location) and there are no trailers, no signs, no filming, no sign of filming this evening (Wednesday) so either they’ve wrapped, it was a second unit crew (very likely), they won’t be filming until later in the day tomorrow, or, even more likely, they will not be filming at this location at all. If anyone can verify (with photos preferably) where they will be filming the funeral/wake scene tomorrow (2/14), please let us know, thanks (and sorry for the inconvenience). Just to be clear, they ARE still scheduled to film a wake scene on 2/14 according to various casting calls (just might not be at this particular cemetery).



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