Extras needed for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ in Stone Mountain, GA on Valentine’s Day

Hanging out on the set of The Vampire Diaries with the Salvatore Brothers sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day to us, and it could be reality for anyone who happens to live in Georgia and is available for the day!

According to their Facebook page, Cherrix Casting is looking for locals to appear as extras in The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, Feb. 14. Filming is expected to take place in Stone Mountain Village.

They are specifically looking for people who have never appeared on the show before for a “Small Town, USA scene”.

Check out all of the details below:

Vampire Diaries is looking for BRAND NEW FACES to be extras, ages (18-65) to work with us Thursday Feb 14th in Stone Mountain, GA. If interested please email recent photo along with name, phone number, email, age, height, weight, clothing sizes (shirt size, pant size, shoe size) Car Info (Color/Model/Year) to [email protected] must live in Atlanta area: $58 for 8 hrs., overtime after 8 hrs. SUBJECT LINE: “Small Town, USA”.

Do NOT submit to work with us if you cannot make yourself available for the day.

If you have any scoop about The Vampire Diaries filming or spot them in Stone Mountain this week, let us know about it at [email protected]!


  1. Ok…so here it is…we are coming down from Canada to Atlanta…So if you want new faces my girls are those that you are looking for, one tall brunette, short brunette, average blonde and very slim auburn girl. These girls would love to be mauled to death by vampires. One of the girls Alanna actually studies vampires in film in University(MIT).Two of them know all about the vampire diaries…my brother lives around the corner from the salvatore house and we have tried to catch a glimpse there without success. We have travelled to covington but they were not filming. This years trip for reading week we will be so close. We cannot leave canada until 7pm feb 14 due to a midterm exam … I know that you don’t want to hear from me if we cannot make the actual date and I profusely appologize for breeching this request but …we will only miss by like 12 hours. I plead with you that if filming needs to take place on Friday Feb 15 due to some unforseen technical difficulty. we are there for you. You do not need to pay us any money…we are happy to fill in. If filming is finished and some of our faves (Ian, Paul, Nina, Candice, Michael) just want to hang with some Canadian girls go for lunch asay hi…we will move mountains to say hi, heck we are almost home town with Nina.. sorry again for breeching your request but I could not resist. you can contact me [email protected] when I am in a wifi setting I will check it. Sincerely yours Cyndi


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