‘Prisoners’, starring Hugh Jackman, filming underway in Conyers, GA

It appear filming is in full swing for Prisoners, the upcoming Hugh Jackman thriller about a man who kidnaps the man believes is behind the disappearance of his daughter.

Thanks to one of our readers, Tim, we know that pre-production on the movie started last week in the Stanton Woods Subdivision in Conyers, GA. Currently, they are filming at five different homes in the neighborhood, including the two pictured below.

One of the homes has been wrapped with platforms for camera placement, well another was fitted with hoses to simulate rain. Film signs around the neighborhood also read Captives, which was also the name listed on the production flyers.

According to a story in the Newton Citizen, "A good bit of the film itself takes place in the subdivision and in the characters' houses."

Filmmakers have a satellite production office in the neighborhood, as well as a headquarters in Stone Mountain, where they are filming in the downtown area.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Viola Davis, and Melissa Leo also star.

If you check out Prisoners filming in Conyers, we've heard they may be there through the end of the month, let us know about it at [email protected]!



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    We live in the Atlanta area and we would love to get a Hugh Jackman autograph while he is in town filming. We saw where they are filming in the subdivision and we believe we found their trailers. Do you have any suggestions on how to possibly meet him around the set or base camp or possibly a good time to try? Thanks!!!

  2. 2

    I would just wait at the perimeter of the set, usually they have barricades or Production Assistants around creating a perimeter around the location, and wait until you spot him and hopefully he’ll come over, I think he is usually pretty nice. If you’re polite, the crew usually is, too but you might have to wait a long time, since there’s no way to really know exactly when they’ll take breaks or wrap up for the day.

  3. 6

    the only place I know to get prod. office info is Production Weekly but you have to pay for it (you can pay for just one month though and should be able to get info).

  4. 7
    Mad Studios

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pay for the info, right. Just so happens we have a young man on the way to the production office Monday maybe. Im @Madstudios30620 on the tweeter. My android app is $4.99 but I am still giving it away free to those that ask nicely. ( googleplay.atlantafilmcrew.com )

    Also, beware, the pay for casting and etc. is often absolutely unreliable. Casting office, see the office before you part with your money.

    • 9

      Why wouldn’t they be filming on those days? It’s mostly a southern holiday, so Hollywood probably doesn’t care about little meaningless things such as that. And inauguration was really on Saturday, it’s just for show on the 21st.

  5. 15

    I was there on Monday the 21 and met Hugh Jackman. He was very nice. He gave out autographs but would not take pictures with people. You could take pictures of him. I was told that Jake had been there earlier in the day but I had missed him

    • 16

      When you met Hugh was he on the set or at base camp? I was thinking it might be easier to meet at base camp. Also, does anyone know when they are filming next week? I want to go in the day time? Thanks.

  6. 17
    William Thore

    They are filming right down the and around the corner from where I live, haven’t seen anyone yet but would like to Hugh’s autograph big fan of X-Men and Van Helsin

  7. 18
    William Thore

    I live in the sub-division as well, I must commend the production crew, as they move about their business they are very professional and even throw up their hands as we pass them driving out of the sub division. Today as I came in from work I saw two Stagecoach buses pulling into the parking area at the church where the crew park their cars. It’s beginning to get exciting around here!

  8. 22
    Paige H.

    Hey, me and some friends are road tripping back home to Georgia for spring break. Does anyone know if the filming locations will be the same or different for March 8-15? Thanks to everyone who has been posting info!

  9. 24

    It appears they are now setting up shop in Tucker, GA. In my business park there are orange cones with yellow signs saying “CAPTIVE” To Set, Extras Holding, Caterer, etc. They have changed the lobby of a vacant office building to say “City of Conyers (I believe) Police Department”. Definitely something going on.

  10. 26

    North Royal Atlanta Drive, 1st building on the left. I’d say its a very good chance they will be filming there very soon. All the signs went up today, and I saw a very expensive looking trailer parked at the back of the building. Also noticed what appeared to be a security guard parked on location.

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