‘Force of Execution’, starring Steven Seagal, begins filming in Albuquerque, NM

A new action flick starring Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo and Ving Rhames begins filming in Albuquerque this week.

Force of Execution follows a crime boss torn between his legacy and his desire to become a legitimate businessman.

The movie is being directed and executive produced by Keoni Waxman and produced by Steven Seagal and Phillip B. Goldfine, Benjamin Sacks, Jim Burleson, and Binh Dang.

As we've reported, Running Wolf Talent is casting extras for Force of Execution.

If you spot them filming in New Mexico this winter, let us know about it at [email protected]!



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    Bren Foster stars along side Steven and the gang, I’m a huge Bren Foster fan, I can’t wait to see this film- Seagal, Foster, Trejo CAN’T WAIT!

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    Can anyone tell me the specific location of that opening scene from inside the cave looking out? We bought an original painting years ago and it’s of that exact same cave location. Thanks!

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