Covington, GA approves updated filming guidelines for ‘The Vampire Dairies’

A we reported back in November, Covington, GA recently met with concerned residents about the filming of movies and TV shows, specifically The Vampire Diaries which films in town about 15 times per season (Covington "plays" Mystic Falls on the series).

After a committee met several times last month it determined it would be impossible to replace the tax revenues, tourism, and world-wide recognition Covington receives from the filming.

The committee did recommend the following guidelines for film crews and production companies, though they shouldn't impact the series at all:

-- For the downtown area, if customer access to business is directly impeded during business hours, a maximum of $200 per day will be paid for filming activity, which includes set up, filming and breakdown. If a business is directly affected by filming, compensation will be decided between the filming company and business owner.

-- For residential areas, set up, filming and breakdown must occur between 7 a.m. and midnight. If no traffic restrictions occur, residents are not required to be compensated. If filming or wrap up goes beyond midnight, compensation for each resident within 200 linear feet of the filming location will be $50 per day of film activity. If road closures are required, impacted residents will be compensated at a rate of $100 per day.

-- For use of private property, any agreement will be between the property owner and film company.

--A special permit from the city will be required for use of pyrotechnics, explosions and other "exceptional activity," regardless of what hour they are used.



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