‘The Vampire Diaries’ filming in Lake Lanier, Georgia this week

It sounds like the Salvatore Brothers might be taking a trip to Alaska soon.

According to the Gainesville Times, location scouts for The Vampire Diaries have been searching for a place that looks "like an Alaskan beach" in Georgia and they've found it on the shoreline of Lake Lanier.

The TVD shoot is expected to take place "later this week".

In addition to The Vampire Diaries, the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Ten is set to film in Lake Lanier later this month and "into the new year."

Ten follows an elite team of DEA officers who are taken down one at a time after robbing a drug cartel’s safe house. The exterior of a home on the lake will serve as the cartel’s compound. The movie will also feature some dive sequences in the lake.

If you spot Ten or The Vampire Diaries filming in Lake Lanier, let us know about it at [email protected]!



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