Channing Tatum & Mark Ruffalo take a break from shooting ‘Foxcatcher’ to greet fans in Pennsylvania

Last week Channing Tatum and (a bearded) Mark Ruffalo were nice enough to pose with fan who were waiting outside the set of their new movie, Foxcatcher.

As we reported, the movie was filming on 5th Ave in McKeesport, PA on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We heard from several readers who waited near the set for a glimpse of Channing and few were left disappointed!

Check out a few photos from our readers (including the one above from Charlotte) and be sure to follow the comments in our Foxcatcher Open Thread to find out where they are filming next!

Vikki sent us this photo of her daughter Jacey with Channing and Mark!

@hannahshega41sentt these pics:

And @jayshelle416 sent us this photo of Channing:

If you have set photos to share or scoop about where Foxcatcher is filming next, let us know about it at [email protected]!


  1. I have been down at McKeesport since they started filming every day I stood outside four hours in the pouring down freezing cold rain and freezing cld weather , and Friday night i stayed till 2am and I FINALLY meet Channing Tatum. He came over and greeted his fans, he took pictures with each of us and hugged us.. there wasn’t many there due to the time. So happy that I finally Meet him he is so nice and sweet to his fans ๐Ÿ™‚ and not to mention very very good looking ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I also was there friday all afternoon didnt get to meet him but he did ride by & wave to us girls while we stand at a red light! I would have stayed longer but it was soooo cold & rained a little off & on…But we will be looking for him this week so if any1 knows where their filming please post :))


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