‘Catching Fire’ shoot expected to move to Hawaii by the end of November

North Carolina news anchor Russ Bowen was the go to source when The Hunger Games was filmed in his state last year and now he's back at it with new scoop about the sequel Catching Fire, which has been filming in and around Atlanta since September.

According to Russ, Catching Fire will wrap production in Atlanta on November 20th and travel to Oahu, Hawaii on November 26th. He added the movie will film at Waiehee & Heeia State Parks, Kawela Bay, Paradise Park, and Kawela Bay in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Film Office has yet to list Catching Fire on their production list but we can confirm they will be moving to Oahu by the end of the month, as for the exact locations Russ is reporting, we may have to wait and see.

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    thanks! thought EM was Larry David movie? Those signs were spotted where the were filming Beverly the other day? Are they in Beverly tonight?

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