More ‘Catching Fire’ Set Photos from the Atlanta Motor Speedway

Earlier this week, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire wrapped up filming at the Atlanta Motor Speedway before moving back to the GWCC in downtown Atlanta, and we have a few new reports/photos that were sent to us from the sets.

@c0ast3r_fan stopped by the raceway as they started breaking down the sets to get a better look (security was tight when they were actually filming) and here’s what he found:

There were no security crews blocking the area anymore so I drove down to snap a few pictures. They had already removed the green screens from both sides of the tunnel behind the grandstands, but all others were still in place. This was a huge set and we believed it was used for filming the opening ceremonies scenes. We were told that Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson had been on the set, but they would not tell us who else had been there.

Check out his photos below:

Another reader also spotted the same chariots and horses that were at the Atlanta Speedway near GWCC, where they were rumored to be filming the tribute welcome scene on the basement level of the red lot.

As for what’s next, it sounds like they will be moving on to the  Cornucopia scenes at the Beach in Clayton County International Park, as they have been working on the set and rehearsing those scenes for the past several days.

If you have any scoop about Catching Fire and its filming locations, let us know about it at [email protected]!



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