Channing Tatum begins filming ‘Foxcatcher’ in Pittsburgh this Fall, Extras with wrestling experience needed

Back in May we reported there was a possibility of Channing Tatum filming his next movie, Foxcatcher, in Pittsburgh, and now a recent casting call seems to confirm the news.

Foxcatcher follows John du Pont, the great-great-grandson of E.I. du Pont who founded the chemical company. In January 1996, John shot and killed David Schultz, a 1984 gold medal winner who lived at the state-of-the-art Foxcatcher National Training Center on the 800-acre du Pont property in Newtown Square, Pa.

Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo will also star in the movie, with filming expected to begin next month.

In preparation for his role, Channing has been in training with a wrestling coach during breaks from his current project, White House Down.

Now, the film's casting director is looking for other young men in the Pittsburgh area with wrestling experience too.

If you have any scoop about where Foxcatcher is filming in Pittsburgh, let us know about it via email at [email protected], or in a comment below! In the past our Pittsburgh fans have been able to keep each other up-to-date with all of the latest filming locations via our comment threads, hopefully we can do the same here!

Here are all of the details for this weekend's casting call for wrestlers:



SEPTEMBER 15, 2012

Canon McMillan High School, Canonsburg PA

Must register in advance to get details (see below)

Filming dates: October 2012 – January 2013

Ages 12 - 65

Bennett Miller, Oscar nominated Director of “Moneyball,” is in town casting a movie about Olympic Gold Medalist wrestlers, Dave and Mark Schultz.To ensure an authentic depiction of the sport and community we want to cast as many REAL wrestlers, coaches, referees, trainers, scorekeepers, and committee members as possible. This casting session will not just be for extras. There will be the opportunity to be upgraded to speaking roles.

Wrestling choreography and consulting will be provided by John Giura (2 time World Cup Champion, 3 time NCAA All-American), and Jesse Jantzen, (Collegiate National Champion and 4 time state champion).

To be considered please email [email protected] for details. Casting opportunities for general extras, and wrestling fans are also being sought at this time. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Thanks to Niki for the head's up!



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    • 2

      I live in Bellaire, Ohio. I was wondering if you could give me any information at all as to when
      they will start filming? Also, do you know if Channing will be there, when, etc.?
      I know this is asking alot but my niece and I are wanting to drive there to try to catch a
      glimpse, (smile) of him. This is the closest we will ever get to try and see him, autograph, photo,
      whatever we can get.
      Whatever you can help me with would be greatly appreciated.


    • 3

      Also, I work for Newspaper in West Virginia. I’m using my contacts here to see when
      and where for the filming and what stars will actually be there. If I hear anything, I will
      share that with you.

      Again, thank you

  1. 11

    Any updates on filming of Foxcatcher with Channing? Would love to head that way if I only
    knew when he was going to be there. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • 13

      Do you know if they will be there any other times this week? We live in Ohio, Bellaire, not
      far from Pitt. Would love to head that way to see what we can see, smile.
      Please, if you have any info, it would be greatly appreciated.
      [email protected]

  2. 14

    Adam, talk to me, smile. I need to know when they will be filming there in Pitt. Looking to see
    Channing Tatum and others. Will have to take off work so any ADVANCE information you can
    find out would really be great.
    email address: [email protected]


  3. 17

    The entire productions company is located at the bottom of Rodi Rd in Penn Hills above the Comfort Inn in the white Vocollect Building. They are shooting scenes (likely wrestling) in basement and the Haddad trucks are on site. Director has been on site many times as well as casting by Donna Bellajac.
    No doubt main talent has been there or will be there soon.

    They also will be filming at the Mellon Estate in Ligonier.

  4. 18

    Thanks for the info Greg but are you sure it is for Foxcatcher? A casting call for stand ins just went out and the mot likely wouldn’t start shooting w/out stand- ins..

  5. 19

    just checked the start date the production co has listed and it is October 15, could they just be setting up maybe at that location? I don’t think filming has started yet…

  6. 20

    The white building location is actually the administrative offices and art department. It’s a business office with other companies in the building. They do cast hiring here. No filming.

  7. 24
    Sharon Sadlowsi

    Do you know if they will be filming this Tues. or Thursday of this week? Wanted to head that way
    to get a pic for my daugher. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  8. 25

    according to the latest production reports it was pushed back and rod. starts next mon now, he prob is in town rehearsing and training , think the Rodi address is their offices…will let you know if I hear more…

    • 26
      Sharon Sadlowsi

      Thanks Christine. I am heading that way this evening, planning on staying the night. Sure wish I knew where or when something was going on. Can only be there for the day tomorrow then
      have to head back to work on Wed. 🙁
      You don’t know where any of them are staying at do you? Or even if Channing is there?
      I heard he was in Pitt Sat. night. Just need to get a photo for my daugher. She’s driving me crazy 🙂

      I don’t even know how to get to Rodi Road but I guess I’ll find out shortly. Any infor before 5pm
      today would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

    • 27
      Sharon Sadlowsi

      Do you think it’s worth the drive up there? We live about an hour away. Just kind of leary
      about it. I’m 53 and prancing around with my niece to get a photo of this man :)!!!! Kids!!!!
      I only have tomorrow off. I can’t do any other days. Let me know what you think. Your there, I’m
      not. Thanks Alot for any information you can get me.

  9. 28
    Catching the Fox

    You should probably wait a few days.. in a few days we should get reports of how security is, how the actors re-act, and better location details

    • 29
      Sharon Sadlowsi

      I wish I could wait a few days. I’m off tomorrow. This is horrible 🙁 Do you think Channing is still
      in Pitt., maybe training, etc.?

      • 30

        I agree with Catching.. You should probably wait a few days for reliable info and see if the stars are even willling to meet up with fans (or have the time in their schedule) before you travel here.

        The best way to get info about stars filming around an area is via twitter. Do you or your neice have a twitter account? You should follow:
        @olv (on location vacations on twitter)
        @NikiMarieR (me)

        • 31

          Thank Niki for the info. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I work all week
          and it’s hard to check. My niece and I are going to wait a few more days. Hopefully
          we can find out more info as the days go on. Anything you can give would be greatly
          appreciated. We do have twitter and are now following. Keep in touch.
          [email protected]

  10. 32

    just this on another page of this website: UPDATE: Filming taking place on Blackburn Road in Sewickley Heights (Pittsburgh) this week, could be for Foxcatcher, starring Channing Tatum.

  11. 33

    Ok guys, here is where they filming this a report on Twitter said Channing was there but can’t confirm: Blackburn Road in Sewickley Heights will be intermittently closed from 8:00AM to 12:00PM on Monday, October 15th and from 6:00AM to 6:00PM on Tuesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 18.

    sorry for confusion…guess they are filming today, if anyone checks it out let us know, thanks!

  12. 42
  13. 48

    Hi guys! My sister and friends tried all day to ser channing in sewickly near Blackburn rd. We drove around and saw a bunch of trucks and people but it wad so hard to stop. There is security everywhere! I think they’re there 24/7! We spent about 3 hours driving around but no luck. They’re guards are at every rd near them plus a fee cops are around too. If anyone has any info how to sneak on let me know. How long will they be in sewickly?

  14. 49

    Has anyone maybe tried to follow them, see where they are staying? Try to catch a pic in the parking lot or something? Let me know, headed that way soon.

  15. 50

    Some radio stations that might give location info are 96.1 KISS FM & STAR 100.7. I think 96.1 gave location info for Abduction…not sure. (@961KISS & @StarPittsburgh on twitter)

    I heard they will be possibly filming some scenes at Washington & Jefferson college at some point.

    Also, for those on twitter, Channing Tatum (@channingtatum), Mark Ruffalo (@MRuff221), and Steve Carell (@SteveCarell) are all on twitter and verified.

    I was searching on twitter. Mark R. told some girl that Vanessa Redgrave is in Foxcatcher!

  16. 59

    They are supposedly filming in the Latrobe/Ligonier area today. Channing was spotted at the Walmart in Latrobe last night. Latrobe is one hour east of Pittsburgh. Ligonier is a little south of Latrobe.

  17. 60

    Sorry…forgot to mention… info about Latrobe came from @961Kiss on twitter. They might announce locations from 96.1 KISS FM in the future, like they did when Abduction was filming here.

  18. 61

    Tip from Suzi on Twitter – Filming at Milton estate in Ligonier. Also, I heard from somewhere that they are probably doing night shoots right now.

    • 64

      Hey Ted,
      How sure are you that he’s staying in the new Marriott in Latrobe? I’m heading that way today,
      my only day off :(, Hoping to catch a pic. Do you know if he will be there today, filming?
      Thanks so much for the info. It’s like trying to find a needle in a hay stack 🙂 Will you be around
      Thursday? Looking for someone who knows the area.

  19. 66

    I think you will be better off looking for the Milton estate if you want to see the actors. They will spend more hours filming (12-16) than they are off. Look for yellow signs with black writing to find your way to the set, base camp, crew parking, etc. They might have initials for Fair Hill project (the fake name for this movie), Foxcatcher, or something else; FHP, FOX, etc.

        • 76

          Thanks Niki,
          Let me know if you hear anything else. I live in Ohio so it’s hard unless someone says something on twitter wich they usually don’t. I know he left Ligonier for sure.
          That was from, almost, the horses mouth but didn’t know if they went home to be with family or working elsewhere this week.
          Keep in touch.

          • 77

            And friend of a friend had him in his cab to the airport today. I’ll bet you he is heading to New Orleans to open his new restaurant this weekend.

            • 78

              Thanks Patricia,
              Your right, he did go to the airport. The hotel at the Latrobe Airport told me that
              on Friday. He was headed home to see his family. I’m sure he will be headed to New Orleans for his Grand Opening.
              Keep me posted and thanks so much.

    • 80

      Thanks for the info. if you hear anything else, please let me know. We were gonna head up to Ligonier tomorrow but it’s hard not knowing if he’s still there. I know they shoot M-F, but
      not sure if they headed back to Pgh. yet.

  20. 86

    Channing is staying at Springhill Suites in Latrobe acrossed from Latrobe Airport. I know he was here last week, but he is down in New Orleans now. I believe he will be coming back to continue filming sometime soon though

    • 87

      Do you know for sure if he headed to New Orleans? If so, how? Just trying to figure
      out where he is before I head up. Thanks for you help.

    • 88

      Rose, How do you know for sure he headed to New Orleans? Others say he is filming today.
      Let me know and thank you for the information.

  21. 89

    Cindy left this comment but for some reason it didn’t show up:

    I can confirm hey r shooting by do s in mckeesport. They r shooting at my friends apartment. On walnut st.

  22. 91

    Has anyone had any success meeting Channing Tatum or Steve Carell on set? I’ve seen some pictures floating around on the internet of girls with Channing, but they weren’t on set.

    I’m hesitant to make the effort to drive to where they’re filming if there isn’t any hope.

  23. 94

    Dot’s was being prepped last night around 6pm, and there are cones/parking restriction signs in the surrounding areas that all say Fair Hill Project from 10/30 til 12:01am on 11/3 (I’m assuming this means they’ll finish there Friday night then?). I haven’t heard anything about Walnut St. I’ve also been told that the trailers are set up at the Legion.

    I heard a rumor that he was going to be at Patty’s Pasticceria on Lincoln Way in White Oak at 4pm today (10/31) because someone I went to high school with is an EMT in the area and they posted this on twitter. I have no idea if this is actually true, because I don’t know why there would be a “scheduled appearance,” especially posted on twitter, nonetheless. But who knows, really. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated! I’m a local, as McKeesport is my hometown, so I’ll post anything else I hear.

  24. 95

    Official traffic restrictions from the Pittsburgh Film Office:

    Traffic Advisory – McKeesport – October 31 – November 2
    There will be intermittent traffic control from Wednesday, October 31 through Friday, November 2 (6:00AM – 8:00 PM) on 5th Avenue between Lincoln Way and Eden Park Blvd.

    On Thursday, November 1 the following streets will have full closures:

    •Fawcett Avenue from 5th Avenue to Dewees Street
    •Delaware Alley from Lincoln Way to Summit Street
    •Forest Avenue from Lincoln Way to Summit Street
    •Leech Street from Fawcett Avenue to Lincoln Way
    •Fayette Street from Bennett to Leech Street

  25. 100

    THANK YOU for all the info everyone. Still don’t know what day to head up there, not knowing
    if Channing will be there or not. Sigh!!!! 🙂

    • 101

      Sharon they are filming nov 1 (today) near dot’s family restuarant in mckeesport pa. 5th ave. only channing will be there. got this info from the news station locally

  26. 105

    The restrictions are only for 8am-6pm. I drove by last night and it looked kind of like they were packing up for the day around 7ish. There had been a crowd there earlier in the day, but they had dispersed by then. I haven’t heard whether anyone has seen him in the area yet, or if he’s been out anywhere.

  27. 106

    my daughter is over on Fawcett now. it has been said that only channing will be there daughters friend has spotted him in the area and took some filming at night that I see.hope she gets to see him.

      • 108

        no Sharon,i’m not on twitter. she just called me, her and her bff just met him and Mark Ruffalo and got their picture taken with him. I am posting on my Facebook page, I will ask her to post if she has a twitter, i know she puts them on instgram or whatever thats called. she was so excited i couldnt understand a word she was saying.

        • 109

          Great. Would love to see a pic. Did she say if she new where they were staying at? We live about 1hr or so away. We are trying to get up there in the evening because we work but
          would have a better chance of getting a pic if we knew that. We don’t know the area that well, and hate to drive around looking for something we have no clue as to where it’s at.
          Keep me posted and thanks for the info.

    • 110

      LOVING all of the updates!!! Thanks everyone for posting for us all to see! I am only about 35-40 minutes away from there and work as well and would love to go up in the evening sometime. Hoping to get a half day in the next couple weeks and find him then! But since I’m so close all info for the evenings would be much appreciated! 🙂

      • 111

        Now I don’t feel alone 🙂 Where are you from? I’m from Ohio. Just wondering because you said you were 35-40 min. away. 🙂

        • 112

          LoL! I am from Washington County… Work in the actual city of Washington so from here its about that long. Even from my house it would only add an extra 15 min if that. It kills me daily to know he is sooo close but I am not there and haven’t tried yet! LoL. I have to admit, I have gone to NYC once a year to see Donnie Wahlberg film Blue Bloods for the past 3 years and have had MAJOR success finding the location/studio and with the hottie Channing Tatum only minimum driving distance from me and I can’t seem to get there! Hahahaha

  28. 117

    I had no idea that I had so much in common with everyone…I also love Donnie Wahlberg :). And it is killing me to know that Channing Tatum is so close to where I live and I haven’t seen him.

    I also work during the day and would only be able to get over there in the evenings. I live outside of Pittsburgh, so it would be over an hour. The drive would be well worth it if I knew where he would be at!

    I’m excited to hear that someone did meet him and would love to hear any more information about night filmiing/where he’s staying!

    • 118

      LOL its’ crazy, isn’t it? How 1 man has so much control over the laides.
      My husband says I’m a stalker, LOL. Get over it I told him, go on a fishing trip, LOL
      We are about 45-50 min from Pitt. Headed there on Wed. due or die.
      If we find out he’s around on Sat., we are going Sun. NO MATTER WHAT.
      We are tired of talking ourselves out of it. LOL

      • 121

        my daughter and her friends were at the filming set from 10am to 10pm yesterday and at times there were 50 to 100 people and then there were times when there wasn’t and thats when he came out and talked to my daughter and her friend and they got a picture with Channing and Mark.she said Channing walked over to them and he was so nice and this is coming from 2 14yr olds lol….

  29. 123


    I’ve talked myself out of this so many times…my friend and I just need to do it, like you said. If I hear word that they were around on a weekend, I would be down there in a heartbeat. It’s a shame how work is getting in the way of me meeting Channing!

    • 124

      I know, it almost makes you wanna quit your job LOL. We are gonna go after work, that’s the best we can do, that’s why we are trying to find the hotel he will be staying at next week. If you get word, let us know. Do you work all day shift?

    • 126

      LOL We are next week. We are trying to find out where they will be filming at on Mon. Tues. or Wed. THEN WE ARE ON IT. No more talking ourselves out of it. If you hear anything, let me know. I believe he will be in New Orleans for his Grand Opening this weekend.

  30. 127

    I went to McKeesport today to see him around 2ish. I drove an hour and a half to get there and when were first arrived no one was around. After about 20 mins of talking to security they made us walk to the other side of the street. We waited there for about 15 mins and he pulled right up. The walked him across the street and I got my picture taken with him and Mark Rufflo! It was sooooo awesome!!!! Definitely worth going and be nice to security. Ask yes or no question, haha. They might help you out 😉

    • 128

      Hi Charlotte,

      That’s awesome! Were there a lot of people waiting around at set to meet Channing? I know whenever I met Taylor Lautner when he was in town there were so many people, and he would only come out when there were only a couple fans.


      • 129

        Hi –
        I also met Taylor Lautner when he was in town filming Abduction. It didn’t matter if the crowd was big, he would come out to sign autographs whenever his schedule allowed. When he was filming in Mt. Lebanon, he greeted fans every Friday (4 in a row, I think),and other days too, when he could. Also, in Sutersville, he came out to to visit with a huge crowd of fans, over 600. It depends on the filming schedule. Or…maybe they prefer meeting fans off set, like they have mostly been doing for Foxcatcher. At restaurants, stores, etc.

      • 130

        There were only about 10 or 15 of us that happened to be there at that moment so maybe that’s why he came to take pictures with us. I’m not sure. It was awesome though 🙂

    • 131

      Charlotte, that is awesome, my daughter and her friend who only lived at the top of the hill next to Dot’s where there yesterday from 10am till 10pm. he walked over to them and they talked to him and got a picture, i am guessing around 230ish or 3. she said he came out when there was less people around. she said it was way better during the day because all the kids were still in school.larger crouds at night but they did see him all evening.the apt. building they were fiming in, my daughters friend and his family lived there and she stayed there before so she was pretty excited.

  31. 135

    The Pittsburgh Film Office just posted this on twitter: (@PghFilmOffice)
    On Thursday, November 1 the following streets will have full closures:

    •Fawcett Avenue from 5th Avenue to Dewees Street
    •Delaware Alley from Lincoln Way to Summit Street
    •Forest Avenue from Lincoln Way to Summit Street
    •Leech Street from Fawcett Avenue to Lincoln Way
    •Fayette Street from Bennett to Leech Street

    Link below:

  32. 136

    went by set this morning, nothing going on. crew wasn’t even there. they filmed later last night, so i wasn’t sure if they possibly wrapped at that location last night. it might be worth it for someone to drive by again though.

    • 137

      when my daughter was there last night at 10ish, she said they were taking down lights and stuff, like they were getting ready to move or something.although they were suposed to be there Wed,Thurs,Fri.

  33. 138

    So if he does head to New Orleans for his bar’s grand opening this weekend…we need to keep in touch for next week!! (or if anyone sees anything over the weekend) We are driving up and only have a day’s worth of trying 🙂 thanks so much with all of the sighting updates…very informative!

  34. 139

    Thanks for all of the updates today!

    I have a bunch of pics I am going to post in a bit, if you have some to add let me know at [email protected]

    I saw this today, (re opening in NOLA) but they already had their big party/opening lat month so I’m not sure if he would go back again, maybe…I think Jenna is till in Wilmington so maybe he will go there too/instead…

    Anyway, if anyone has updates let us know! thanks!

  35. 147

    Channing was spotted in a Mad Mex restaurant in Shadyside tonight. I feel like that means he will be filming in or near Shadyside this week.
    Also, another movie was filming in Pittsburgh today, called American Pastoral, starring Mandy Patinkin. Posted updates and pics on my twitter: @nikimarier

      • 149

        Have you heard anything else today as to where they are filming? I will be up there tomorrow
        around 2-3pm and didn’t want to be running all over the place.

  36. 150

    Hearing that the general consensus is Ligonier for today & Tues. If you’re in Ligonier, look for them at Ligonier Construction Co on Rt 30( I think)….

  37. 151

    I work in Oakland and there is a crew parking sign right by the hospitals…haven’t seen anything yet, but I’m guessing it’s for this film. I hope to check it out during my lunch break today!

    • 152

      Keep me posted if you get a chance to check that out today. I heard there is another movie
      being filmed in Pgh as well.
      Headed that way Wed. Need all the info I can get 🙂

      • 153

        So the crew was already cleaning up around 1pm today in Oakland. I think they must have just been shooting interior shots to set the scene, etc. because the trucks weren’t even the typical Haddad’s trucks they usually have. Oh well!

  38. 155

    My friend’s roommate met him last night in the Shadyside/east liberty target! It’s honestly all about luck and coincidence. I’m hoping before he leaves I am able to run into him. does anyone know where he is filming for this week?

  39. 158
    Catching the Fox

    There are people that have been running around looking for the sets, spending up to 12 hours a day standing in the rain…and the cold waiting for a chance…. it takes time and dedication, and when it comes down to it…. luck

    The stars are WORKING…. sometimes they have to stay in character and distractions are not good for them. Schedules can be tight.

    Just think about it as if you were at work, when is the best time for you to see people? Beginning of the day….lunch….and at the end of the day.

    I’ve seen posts and tweets saying how mad they are that they didn’t get to see him… there just isn’t time to accommodate everyone during a busy schedule…. if you had to work 12 to 18 hours a day would you want to be chased around during your cool-down and relaxation time?

    Patients is your best friend.

  40. 164

    You can use a spoon to dig a ditch, or you can use a shovel. Tracking celebs goes more smoothly if you use the right tools. Patience is one, technology is another. Technology includes cell phones, GPS, this website, Facebook, & Twitter. If you’re not familiar with everything that twitter can do (including mobile notifications-big one), you should put an hour aside to figure it out. Also, regarding patience- when I was checking out Abduction, I knew the base camp site, but didn’t see Taylor until the 4th time I went there. Sometimes luck plays a part too.
    & Remember to be respectful of security & their requests.

    • 165

      I am using my daughters cell phone. She does have “mobile notifications” Not sure what it is
      but she is going to show me tonight.
      Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.

      • 167

        Hey Lisa,
        I dont’ really have an inside scoop. 🙂 I just wanted to share some tips that helped me when I was following Abduction, when it was filming in Pittsburgh. I like to search online and on twitter sometimes. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.

      • 168

        Heard they were filming on rt 68 in between Evans City and Butler Today… They a bunch of travel trailers on Rt 68 before the Connoqunessing school… Might have to check it out in a bit

  41. 170
    Patrick Nelson

    I read how you need young wrestlers 12-65 I happen to be an x wrestler that Is 15 years of age 5’8″ with 4 years of experience I am from ligonier PA

  42. 173

    Just spoke to Mad Max Management, he was in the resteraunt on Thurs. and Fri. night but don’t know if he is still in the area. Anyone here of anything today?

  43. 175
    Lisa P.

    Hi. Does anyone know where they are filming Wednesday, November 7th? I’m only in Pittsburgh for one day and would love to check it out. I’ve heard rumors of McKeesport, West Mifflin, Shadyside, and Ligonier. Thanks!

    • 176

      the film trucks are set up at the old West Mifflin middle school on camp hollow rd. but talking to the convienence store clerk thats next door its pretty secluded, they get in and out quick.good luck!

  44. 177

    Yesterday was ligonier but it is at a very private and secluded location…you cant get
    anywhere near the location…dont waste ur time…

  45. 188
    Lisa P.

    Thanx Natalie and Christine!! Does anyone know if there is a place we can go and watch/wait on route 68? I’m hoping they’ll be there all week. I want to stop by tomorrow or wednesday. Thanx

  46. 195

    They usually don’t film on the weekends, but you might want to do some shopping in Shadyside this weekend. Lots of people have ran into Channing there: Walnut st., Mad Mex, & Target nearby.

    • 196

      Thank you! I’ll be in station square all weekend but I’ll be able to go all around the city.. But if you hear anything about station square please let me know 🙂

    • 197

      Thank you! I’ll be in station square all weekend but I’ll be able to go all around the city.. But if you hear anything about station square or very close by please let me know 🙂

    • 199

      their trailers are set up on rt 68 at the light at the corner of reibold rd and rt 68. Theres a sign there for tj”s hideaway, and camp redwing girlscout camp

  47. 200

    The set they are filming at today is not right on Rt. 68. It is off a side road and back a secluded private lane. The filming crew trucks are all converged at a parking lot on Rt. 68 a few miles north east of Evans City. The set is at a private home and business, so no real chance of seeing anything or getting close.

    • 201

      yea they are on Harmony Road, connoqunessing pa, theyre right before the vicnor farms.. there are signs for crew parking and signs that say to the set.

  48. 203

    They are in the Evans City area for a few days. Filming is taking place just 2 houses up the street from mine. I can tell you there was a ton of gunfire around 1030 am today.

  49. 206

    No, Amber. That is just where they are parking some of the trucks and auxiliary vehicles. They are filming at VicNor Farm on Harmony Street, but in a secluded private area of the farm. They have security everywhere, and you can’t see the set from anywhere really.

    Jon, the gunfire was from a gun-range scene they were shooting today.

  50. 207

    Anybody know where they are tonight??? I seen the set last night, it’s true it was on harmony road except me and my friends snuck up the driveway looking for a place to turn around and ran right into the actual house/set their filming at. Nobody stopped us or anything but that’s because we didn’t go the whole way up, we did a five point turn and left. But there were giant lights and tents and cameras and we probably within feet of channing tatum. Thanks for the tips on here!!

  51. 210

    I am at Slippery Rock University and heard that he was at Panera Bread in Butler Today!!!!!!! If anyone knows where he will be tomorrow/this weekend please let me know!

  52. 216

    Thought this was here but I don'[t see it, Jenna left a comment on another post saying:

    “Hi guys! My neighbor who works on movie sets just told my mum that they’re filming Monday and Tuesday at the Omni downtown and basecamp is at 21st and railroad st”


  53. 217

    Traffic update from Port authority: Oliver at William Penn Pl stop for P12, P16, P67 closed today & tomorrow due to filming. Temporary alternate stop at Oliver at Smithfield.

  54. 218

    More info from the Port authority website: Closure Of Oliver Avenue From Smithfield Street to Grant Street – Feature Film Production Work – “Fa
    Effective: 11/19/2012 to 11/20/2012


    Effective Monday & Tuesday, November 19 & 20, 2012, All Days, Both Days

    The City of Pittsburgh has provided multiple permits to Fair Hill, LLC to restrict or close variou streets and properties in the City of Pittsburgh to perform production work on an upcoming feature film production called Fair Hill Project” on Monday & Tuesday, November 19 & 20, 2012. One of the permits allows for the closure of Oliver Avenue, between Smithfield & Grant Streets for feature film work. The street was not planned to be closed (and is not officially), but placement of large support vehicles (panel trucks and other equipment) has made the arrow too narrow for buses to navigate. Thus, Oliver Avenue for buses between the intersecting streets noted will be “closed” Monday & Tuesday, November 19 & 20, 2012, all day, both days.

  55. 221

    I just walked to the hotel for my lunch break. There are definitely tons of filming trucks there, and they seem to be working on constructing a party scene, or so the valets told me. The valets said that they didn’t see Channing today, but that he was filming yesterday morning.

    Also, the road closures are through Thursday.

  56. 224

    Hung out at the Omni for a while today and watched but didn’t see anything exciting. Just lots of crew people and trucks. Lots of PAs and security and people moving equipment. It’s a bad location to catch people since they’re filming inside. And there are so many doors close to the street, it’ll be easy for people to just rush out and into a car. Not the best bet for catching anyone!

  57. 227

    Thanks Niki!

    I wanted to let you guys we started a forum (again) there is a tab at the top of the page if you guys want to start a Foxcatcher board, it might be easier and you can upload pic and vids there yourselves, we just added it yesterday so you guys would be the first to use it but we tested it like crazy so I am sure it will work well….

    • 228
      Patricia Withers

      Is there a forum with this topic? I clicked on the Forum tab at the top but don’t see anything about Channing….?
      Anyone know where they are filming this week? Still downtown?

  58. 236

    oops sorry I can create a tab for the forum, that might be helpful 🙂

    Surprised no new info this week.. I just checked Pittsburgh film office, no new street closures either…

  59. 239

    Side note to anyone reading this thread: I know that most people contributing on here are cool, but some people like to withhold information, because of their theory that the actors won’t come out if there’s a big crowd. I think that’s incredibly catty and immature, especially if you’ve already been able to meet one of them yourself. Let other people get a chance…and not just your friends and family. Pass it forward.

  60. 242

    I’ve heard that they’re filming in the Convocation Center at California University of PA this weekend (12/1-12/2) but be warned, the campus police LOVE to ticket people who don’t have university issued parking passes.

  61. 258

    This weekend they will definitely be filming Foxcatcher in the locker rooms at the Fitzgerald Field House at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. I saw some rumors on twitter and confirmed it with a friend who works at Pitt.

    Also-today “Those Who Kill” is/was filming at an apmt bldg. in Grandview on Mt. Washington (Pittsburgh).

    • 264

      No problem. This is a one way street. Citizens Library is right across the street from Washington and Jefferson College’s Old Main Building. College Street is one block from Main Street. It’s probably best to park downtown or in the parking garage and walk down. The parking garage is on Franklin Street (2 blocks away).

  62. 266

    They left Linden Hall Early friday morning and were going to washington pa .,pitt field ,and then cal u . They’re looking for 600 people to fill the gym.Got to wait on Channig, Mark , Steve, and Vannessa.They all were very nice from the drivers ,crew,producers and the actors!Thanks for last 9 days of work.

  63. 270

    The Peterson Events center is at 3710 Terrace Street in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It belongs to the University of Pittsburgh. Most (if not all) of the big MMA tournament/wrestling scenes (with Tom Hardy & Nick Nolte) were shot here too! That was a great movie. Nick Nolte got an Oscar nom for Best Supporting actor.

    Info on Warrior:

  64. 281

    Hello. Heard there was filming at least until the 23rd, but down at Cal U. Anyone know if there will be a break for the holiday and when filming will resume?

  65. 285

    I don’t see the trucks outside the Peterson. Maybe I’ll try to take a closer look later. Also,…on a possibly related note… the National Aviary in Pittsburgh is closing early, at 3 p.m. today for a “private function”…
    John du Pont really liked birds…so maybe…. Well, I just think that everything is a movie filming around Pittsburgh! LOL
    Also, the TV series, Those Who Kill is filming in Bellvue.

  66. 305

    Hi, does anyone know if Channing is still filming till this weekend? My friend is obsessed with him & is going to drive 6 hours up to Pittsburgh to try to see him. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  67. 307

    I saw some things being set up at the same place they were before in mckeesport, not sure if they are just getting extra shots or what but they have all their wires and stuff back out near Dots restaurant.

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