Details for ‘The Lone Ranger’ filming in New Mexico this week

As we reported last week, The Lone Ranger shoot moved to the Angle Fire, New Mexico area yesterday and now we have a few more details about the shoot.

Most filming will take place at Cimarron Canyon State Park and will cause some road closures.

Set construction for the movie has been underway since last week at the park’s Perryville Day Use Area and along U.S. 64 between the Perryville Day Use Area and the east boundary of the park.

The Perryville, Black Jack and Palisades recreation areas will be effected by filming through Thursday, August 30 (though they will be off on Sunday). "During these periods, access to the shoulders and pullouts along U.S. 64 will be limited between the Perryville Day Use Area (mile marker 291) and the east boundary of the park. Closures will be from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m."

If you spot The Lone Ranger filming in New Mexico, let us know about it at [email protected]!



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  1. 1
    David Harwell

    I am opposed to hollywood always interfering with individual’s plans…..the public should not be refused access to the Canyon while they are on vacation which was planned long before any announcement from hollywood about filming in the canyon and I resent being shut out by the State of New Mexico folding to the likes of hollywood. I have seen some information about the Lone Ranger movie and I personally think it is a disgrace to the likes of the real show… where near a tribute to such a great series!!! By the way, your garb for Tonto is pittiful and the attempt to recreate the Lone Range is so inept as to have him wear a terrible looking HAT, looks like a big SISSY instead of a hero….at least get the wardrobe respectful Hollywood! You can send me the location I can send a request for refunds of my money paid for fishing license and day use pass for parking in the canyon!!! I can see why you need extras too….the stars need to go back to hollywood, they do not fit the part!!

    • 2
      Bill Werner

      Its unfortunate that David doesn’t know what he is talking about, the movie is very true to the TV series, and will be a GREAT tribute to it, in fact new generations will probably go back and watch the TV series because of the movie, just like new fans went to see True Grit. It will be a Billion Dollar movie and will have several in a series itself.

    • 3
      David Chatzistamatis

      To say that Johnny Depp does not fit his role is like saying that the color white doesn’t fit with any other color. Meaning that Johnny Depp fits into ALL of his roles he has ever done, and will fit into this one just as well as he has in Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Edward Scissorhands! He is a great actor—-probably the greatest of our modern time—-and handles each one of his roles with aplomb. I have seen the image of him, and I think he passes as a Native American quite well.

  2. 4

    We were in Los Alamos, New Mexico last week and always make a trip to the Jemez mountions. One area we like to visit was closed due to a special event. When we returned we were told that Johnny Depp was staying at the Hotel in White Rock, a suburb of Los Alamos. We assumed it was part of the filiming ofThe Lone ranger movie. We were not upset like the previoius comment

  3. 6

    We were delayed in Cimarron Canyon on our way home to Oklahoma after a 2 week vacation in Taos.
    We were given the heads up by other Okie travelers so it wasn’t too much of a surprise to be stopped. We waited about 45 minutes and my husband just wished he had his fly rod rigged so he could fish while we waited. West of Clayton NM we noticed two large tee-pees set up and wondered if they were part of the movie set too. I guess it was lucky for us to have the delay at the end of our vacation rather than the beginning. We were happy to spend a little more time in the cool weather of New Mexico.

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