Channing Tatum takes time out for his fans while filming ‘The Bitter Pill’

One of our readers, Roberta, was lucky enough to meet Channing Tatum on the set of his new movie The Bitter Pill in New York City last night thanks to one of our tips!

In Bitter Pill Channing plays a man recently paroled from prison who returns home to his wife (played by Rooney Mara).

Roberta wanted to share her experience and let people know how kind Channing is to his fans. Here's her report from her meeting with Channing last night:

First I'd like to thank you again for the info.

Last night me and my friend went to the Riverside Drive Building to try to see Channing Tatum. We had no idea if he was shooting that night, but we knew that there weas some shooting because the crew was there.

We were the only ones there and after about one hour of waiting Channing came out of the building. As soon as he saw us he approached us as if he already knew we were there for him. My friend started talking to him while I tried to take my camera from the case, I was so nervous that I almost couldn't do it, lol. So I finally got my camera and took a picture of him and my friend, then he came to take the picture with me. My friend asked him if he remembered her and he said, "sorry, no". Then I told him that she kisses him every time she sees him, so he hugged her and thanked her, saying that she was very sweet. Then I took out my notebook so he could sign it for my cousin, but I couldn't find my pen (too nervous again). He needed to go change, so I told him, "you can go, I can't find my pen". Then he went to the car and got a pen himself. He signed my notebook and then he left. A couple of other girls also took pics with him.

We stayed there waiting for him to come back, but when he did he was literally running, so he just passed us by and said, "sorry". We remained there until almost 10 P.M. When he left again, hecame to talk to us. I was less nervous this time so I asked him for a hug and he did. He asked us if we were cold and I told him, "of course I am cold, I'm from Brazil, I'm not used to this cold", Then he said, "aw you are from Brazil, from where?" I told him Sao Paulo and he said that he went to Rio. Then I asked for a kiss lol and he said sure and kissed me and went MUAH!

All the time he was very sweet, kept thanking us, he really made us feel good about being there, you know? It really seems that he likes his fans!

Thank you again.

Thank you Roberta for sharing your story!

This week the trailer for Channing's new movie, Magic Mike also hit the web, you can check it out below:

To find out where The Bitter Pill is filming next in NYC, visit our Daily Filming Locations. If you have a celeb encounter to share, email us at [email protected]!


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