Senoia, GA will be the main location for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3, Filming begins in May

As we’ve reported, the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead, began building sets in Senoia, GA back in February.

And now we know why they started so far in advance of filming, which resumes for season three in May, – Senoia is going to be the show’s main location.

“Senoia will be a major set for next season,” location manager Mike Riley recently explained. “This (third season) is long-term. We’ll be here until November.”

And, unlike last season which was primarily filmed on location, this season much of the filming will also take place in studio at Raleigh Studio in Senoia, while other locations in the area will play a more minor role in the production.

In the third season, the town will be walled off.  “Inside the wall is a the safe zone and a benevolent dictator runs the town,” Riley said.

The show’s crew will construct a temporary, movable wall meant to look like a gate stacked with items such as old tires and doors that can be used along the area of Main Street and Travis Street.

The main set in Senoia will be located on Main Street, from Seavy Street to Travis Street in Senoia. The set may also extend from Seavy to Johnson Street.

Production is set to begin at this location on May 31 and will continue Monday-Friday for eight days and might include some night shooting.

“It is important that Senoia not just be a backdrop. We’ll come up with some ways to make the city feel like they’re a part of the it. We couldn’t do this without the city,” Riley said. “I think fans will show up during and after (the production) and again next year for that season if the ratings are good.”

Stay tuned for more details about Walking Dead Filming Locations and Casting Calls in Georgia in the coming weeks!


  1. i wish would come to my neighbor hood we.have enough emety house they could use .i,m in stone mountain ,ga call 404.4339423 if inrested

  2. Please post any information on upcoming casting calls for ‘The Walking Dead’, I want to become a walker and strut my stuff! lol

  3. It would be so awesome for any. Movie or tv show to film in my town. But the walking dead would be freaking awesome! The people of senoia GA are so lucky! 🙂


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