Gerard Butler might be headed to Alaska for ‘Hunter Killer’


Gerard Butler better dress warmly for his next movie!

According to sources Gerard Butler is headed to Alaska for the filming of his next big role.

According to the Alaska State Film office, “Hunter Killer”, the “big-budget military thriller about an American submarine captain’s attempt to rescue the Russian president, will soon be pre-approved for filming in Alaska.” The movie is based on the novel “Firing Point,” by George Wallace and Don Keith.

The Relativity Media film, currently called “Hunter Killer,” is supposedly in the planning stages. While Gerard Butler is in talks to take the leading role, the flick is expected to be directed by Antoine Fuqua, Variety reports.

According to Wanetta Ayers, director of the state Economic Development Division, the production company sent the request to pre-qualify “Hunter Killer” for the Alaska film incentive about a month ago. Wanetta adds that the movie would be “the largest incentive ever awarded under the program.”

Even if the project got the pre-qualification it doesn’t mean that the movie will for sure be shot in Alaska, as with any Hollywood production filming locations change constantly or projects are scrapped.

Carolyn Robinson, owner of SprocketHeads, the Anchorage based production company said that the firm is “working with the film-makers and will be handling all local questions about the project.” She added that she is proud to be working on a project of this size, and that they will be updating fans on the project through the company Facebook site.


  1. I like the sound of this one.Antoine Fuqua is a great director and Gerry is on top form, Coriolanus was brilliant.
    Let the magic begin.
    Joan (hug) xxxx

  2. This would be impossible for Gerard to do right now since he is in the Betty Ford Center for cocaine and pain pill addiction. He has been there for almost a month now.


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