Gerard Butler spotted filming ‘Of Men and Mavericks’ in Foster City, CA

Thanks to one of our tips, Nathalie met Gerard Butler on the set of Of Men And Mavericks in Foster City, CA last week!

The movie is about big wave surfer Jay Moriarity, Butler plays his mentor Frosty Hesson. Moriarity is played by Jonny Weston who you can rehearsing with Gerard in the photos below.

Thanks so much to Nathalie for sharing her photos! If you have photos you'd like to share, let us know at [email protected]!



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    edna sandoval

    great pictures–thank you—-just in time for someone’s birthday——Happy Birthday Gerry on the 13th.—thanks for all your movies—

  2. 6

    I will never forget that day! He is so sexy that I can never talk to him as he makes me shake all over!!
    I am ready to go to Half Moon Bay now to see if they are filming there since no one seems to know so far…
    they have 2 weeks left filming?
    they started on october 10th…in Santa Cruz and they are moving in the bay area…just a matter of spotting them now…MY MISSION? FIND GERARD again!!:)

  3. 8

    hello again,
    this is Nathalie, I met Gerard once again on monday evening at 6 pm while shooting his movie at the house on Metzgar street and 2nd….
    He was looking gorgeous with his white sweater on and he said “HI” to me and when I asked him to take a picture with me, he refused saying I already have so many taken with him (only 3)…:((
    this guy really hates my guts now!??
    I guess his envious/rude driver and stupid security guard have been feeding him lies about me so he doesn’t want to see me around him anymore:(
    it doesn’t help that when I met him one on one that day on his bike he was telling me about his worst stalker ever …. being a French woman!
    Everybody hates the French! even Gerard!:((

    • 12

      It is because his driver is a mean old ugly man who told him I was crazy and stalking him!!!
      I can’t believe Gerard believes the people around him! he even thought I was a paparazzi at one time! I don’t make money with this pictures, it is just for me.
      I was very deceived by Gerard’s rude attitude, I thought he had a better sense of humor than that but obviously he is already manipulated by all the people around him, that is a shame. He should think for himself instead.

      • 13

        You don’t know what he thinks or how his thinking is influenced. And if you visit his shootings multiple times and try to talk to him and take pictures with him each time, well, that’s a bit suspicious.

  4. 14

    when I asked Gerard for a picture that evening on the shoot of his movie, he told me I already have plenty of pictures with him! how rude! so I left feeling crushed…
    now he just lost one fan and I am going to tell everybody about the real Gerard!:(
    he tells the media he gave up drinking~ I talked to the bartender at “Castaways” dive bar in Santa Cruz who told me Gerard was so wasted one night that he had to carry him to his trailer! Also he tells women on the spot he wants to have sex with them…. I know a waitress who did it with him…
    He likes to make out in night clubs and then tells the media he is looking for true love….yeah right!:) have fun Gerard..!”))

      • 16

        yes Michelle, we had so much fun! so much paranoia and attitude these actors nowadays! they don’t know how to have fun anymore with their fans! I thought Gerard was different and with a good sense of humor…. but his surrounding team on this Maverick movie was messing with his head apparently…too bad!
        Happy Holidays darling!:)) HAVE FUN!

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