Where to find the ‘American Horror Story’ Murder House in L.A.

The most compelling/creepy/haunting element of the new FX series American Horror Story is the Murder House, its permanent inhabitants, and the power it holds over its new residents.

Since the show’s debut a few weeks ago we’ve had several readers contact us wanting to know where they can find the actual house that plays the Murder House in the series.

In real-life the six bedroom home, built by architect Alfred Rosenheim in 1903, is anything but scary. It is located at 1120 Westerchester Pl, Los Angeles and was put on the market for $4.5 million last year.

You can take a virtual tour of the house and its history (on the show) at YoureGoingToDieInThere.com.


  1. we just went there tonight. it looks like someone moved in. lights were on in the front windows. we stopped in front of the house to take pics. but my son was getting mad because he said he could see someone watching tv from one of the other rooms!


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