‘Mud’, starring Reese Witherspoon, begins filming in Arkansas

Arkansas is getting some star power as Mud begins filming in the state this week.

Mathew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Tye Sheridan, Sam Shepard, Michael Shannon and Sarah Paulson have all signed on to star in the movie, which is being directed by Jeff Nichols.

The coming-of-age story follows a charismatic fugitive and his friendship with a 14-year old boy who helps him escape from the law in order to reunite with his soul mate.

Locals are already buzzing about the production as the movie’s offices have been set up in Stuttgart, at the former Clary Elementary building, located at 107 E. Superior St, and today, Highway 65 in Dumas was closed for filming.

“Everyone’s really excited about it, it’s been really great for the town,” said Stephen Bell, director of the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce.

Witherspoon was even spotted shopping at the Dollar General in Dumas this week!

The movie is expected to continue filming in Arkansas through next month. If you are interested in being an extra in the film, you can apply here. If you spot Mud filming in Arkansas, let us know about it at [email protected]!

[photo: inarkansas]


  1. I am from Clarksdale, Ms, today I saw the movie MUD and I could have sworn that I recognized business on Highway 61 in Clarksdale in the movie, however, I can’t find anywhere in the credits to support what I know I recognized. The Executive Inn, the furniture store across the street from the Executive Inn, the Pizza Hut, the street I grew up on, and more.

  2. I saw the movie MUN with Matthew McConaughey. very good. My question is . Was the film location on Buffalo Island? On the Mississippi? If not what was the location? Thank you for your time. Kerry Schaffer


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