‘Flight’, starring Denzel Washington, will film key scene in Newton County GA next month, Extras Needed

Denzel Washington will begin filming Robert Zemeckis' Flight, along with Don Cheadle, Bruce Greenwood and Kelly Reilly, in Atlanta next month, where they are also looking for extras to appear int he film.

Paid extras of all ages, types and ethnicities are needed to work in the Atlanta area in mid-October. Interested applicants can email a recent photo to [email protected] and include the following information: name, phone number, age, height, weight, clothing sizes, shoe size, pets they own and the color, make and model of their vehicle.

The pay is the standard $8 per hour, with overtime pay available after eight hours of filming.

The movie follows Denzel's character, Whip, a commercial airline pilot with a drug problem, who pulls off the heroic feat of landing a plane after its engine fails, saving 98 people.

The movie will shoot a key scenes at Green Valley Farms on U.S. Highway 278 in Newton County, GA on Oct. 11. The scene will involve the plane knocking off a church steeple, which the crew will begin filming soon on site at Green Valley Farms.

In addition to the Flight casting call, Extras Casting Atlanta is looking for boys and girls all races generally 12- 14 years od, people with cars from 1985 to 1974 that are in running condition, and Parent types, for The Goats which will begin filming in Hiawassee and Clayton, GA on Oct. 3. If interested, email a recent photo, car information, and all contact info to: [email protected]

Little League types are also needed for a major motion picture filming in Atlanta on October 3, and Call Me Artie is holding an Open Casting Call on Oct. 2. For more information on these calls, click here and here.

If you spot a movie filming in Atlanta, let us know about it at [email protected]!


[Source: CovNews]



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  1. 1
    Dalyn Silvers

    My name is Dalyn silvers, I’m 13 years old and would love to star in this movie. I have a family of actors and I would love to start my acting career in a Denzel Washington movie.

  2. 3
    nicholas breazeale

    i am a down to earth guy with tattoos.. i have wanted to get into the movie business for a while and i do have acting experience. please call me.. i will do what ever it take i can adapt very well. thanks to the casting production. any thing you need i can adapt too…

  3. 4

    Being that we have Hollywood right here in the city of Atlanta I most definitely will be taking advantage of the extra for the extra scenes, you just never no what can happen just from being an extra, it can take you far…Looking for mi big break as an actress so thanks for giving the opportunity for allowing me to be an extra!!!!

  4. 7
    Julia Phares

    My name is Julia and my daughter and I were onlookers during filming. Just happy to have seen Denzel in action and got a wave through the very blacked out windows of the car!!! Satisfied 😀

  5. 8
    Ayana Phares

    I am 15, 5’4, 120 lbs, dak brown/curly/long hair, dark brown eyes. Size 5 clothing, 8 shoe. I have a grey/black full blooded Catahoula dog. No car. Live 10 min from Newton location.

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