‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is actually filming in Philadelphia this week

Though it would seem obvious for a show called It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia to be shot in Philadelphia, it’s actually a rare occurrence because most of the series is filmed in Los Angeles.

But earlier this week Sunny returned to Philly, as they do a few times a year, to shoot exterior scenes around the city. Yesterday, the cast of the quirky FX series was spotted filming on Jewelers Row. PhillyFilmGirl was kind enough to send us a link to her full set report from the shoot, including the video above.

HughE over at PhillyChitChat.com also sent us a few photos of a driving scene they did yesterday which you can check out below.

On Monday It’s Always Sunny will be filming on Spruce and Pine in Philadelphia before moving to  Ocean City, NJ on Tuesday.

Thanks again to HughE and PhillyFilmGirl for sharing their photos! Be sure to let us know if you spot It’s Always Sunny filming in Philly too!


  1. I’m a year and change late on commenting but what the heck.I really get a kick out of “It’s Always Sunny..” and am surprised to learn how little of the show is actually filmed in Philly.We see a lot of shows and movies being filmed up here in Vancouver so I’m aware of how much goes into making a quality show.That said-look at the equipment on the hood of that car! It looks ready to land on Mars.All for what?A 20 second shot? Imagine the cast of Lucy or The Honeymooners trying to wrap their 1950s brains around that concept!

  2. Thanks for the vid! It was awesome seeing jewler’s row but my favorite part was the lady behind the camera’s giggle when Glen threw up the horns. So sexy!!


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