‘The Hunger Games’ is filming at DuPont State Forest next week

Though The Hunger Games was originally expected to wrap up filming in Shleby, NC yesterday, various Twitter reports have confirmed filming will continue through the end of the week, leaving fans wondering where the next location for the movie will be.

Thanks to our friends over at The Hob and one of their savvy readers, Maggie, it looks like filming will move to the DuPont State Forest next week:

One of our readers, Maggie, was hiking [at DuPont State Forest] today and noticed some pre-production activity.

This notice was posted on the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources website regarding DuPont State Forest, and it looks like filming may take place there shortly:

Expect Some Temporary Trail Closures – Camp Summit Road is closed for three weeks for a site preparation project. Lake Imaging access area will be closed for three days beginning on Sunday, June 5. There will be other temporary closures in early June for a film project. Additional trails that may be closed for a day or more include Triple Falls Trail (lower end), Hooker Falls Road and Bridal Veil Falls Road.

You can check out a few of Maggie's photos of the filming location here too.

If you spot The Hunger Games filming in North Carolina, let us know about it at [email protected]!

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    Jennifer M. Nilles

    My boyfriend and I were at Dupont State Park today on the trail to the right (in the fork in the path) on the way to the high falls. I noticed the scariest most demonic face in the roots of a tree. It was not natural. PLEASE tell me you put it there. If not, it will freak me out until the day I die. I have not read the book “Hunger Games”, wonder if the 2 are related??

    Thanks in advance. Jennifer M. Nilles [email protected]

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