More ‘Spider-Man’ set photos including pics of Uncle Ben’s death scene

We received a few more photos taken on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man in Woodside, Queens over the past two nights where they have been filming the scene where Peter’s Uncle Ben dies.

In the first set of photos below you can see Andrew Garfield and Martin Sheen filming Uncle Ben’s emotional final scene in the movie.

[nggallery id=291]

@Mjrockz also sent us this photo taken with Andrew just before they continued shooting the scene last night.

And finally, here is a set of photos from @kjan87 who was lucky enough to have photos taken with Martin and Andrew. Everyone who has met both men on the set over the past couple of weeks has raved about how nice they are to everyone, which is great to hear!

[nggallery id=292]

Thanks again to @kjan87 and @Mjrockz! We always appreciate your fan photos and set stories! If you have photos to share, let us know at [email protected]!



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