‘Captain America’ filming in Times Square today!

As we were first to report via Twitter, Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson were filming scenes for Captain America today in Times Square! The signs posted around 46th/47th and Broadway were for "Frostbite" (the working title for Captain America) AND "Group Hug" (the working title for The Avengers).

Dozens of OLV readers spotted the filming and reported extras dressed in S.W.A.T. Uniforms, while Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson shot a scene together. They also got a glimpse of the 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD which is being used in the movie. Funny enough, the crew was telling on-lookers that it only an Acura commercial being filmed!

According to one of our readers, Danielle, Captain America is scheduled to return to Times Square to continue shooting on Monday too!

Check a few photos from the shoot below. Admittedly, they aren't the best shots, but they do give a sense of how chaotic today's shoot was!

Thanks to @thismyshow @Chris_Sisley, @DanielWanderman, @NaughtyBitty & all of our readers who sent in tips re: today's shoot! If you have any photos or tips you'd like to share, let us know at [email protected]!



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    samuel jackson is rude and full of himself would never watch one of movies ever again. fergie was in today also and couldn’t have been sweeter to fans-i’m sure she wasvjust as tired and being bothered by fans-jackson could learn a lot from her -having some class for one thing 🙂

  2. 2
    That Dude

    Did you think to yourself that he was still in character?? You do know that Nick Fury is rude and full of himself. C’mon just be happy you caught greatness in that special moment.

    • 3

      He wasn’t in character he just forgot where he came from.
      I guess greatness is in the eyes of the beholder-To me I caught a glimpse of lameness 🙂

  3. 4

    I believe it, a lot of them are full of themselves that I will agree. Not all of them are like that though if you meet celebrities often enough. Some take there time with fans.

  4. 5

    Can someone clarify the White Collar shooting date for me? It’s listed under Monday, but when I click for more information, it says Tuesday.

  5. 7

    Does anyone know the status of ‘Smash’? It’s listed to shoot until first week in May but nothing has been posted for days! Thanks!

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