Trucks and security already set up at the ‘Scream 4’ house in Northville, MI

Earlier this week we reported that Scream 4 would be returning to Northville, MI for two days of re-shoots next week and now we’ve learned they are already starting to set up for the shoot.

One of our readers, D.J., sent us the photo above of a house on Clement (which was used in the original shoot this summer) and he pointed out that “you can see the (movie) truck in the driveway and I believe a security guy in the driveway.”

Of course, anytime re-shoots are done on a movie there is speculation that the producers didn’t get positive feedback for the original product and they are trying to “fix” it. But, according to the city of Northville, “they’re coming back to do some additional suspense and terror for opening sequence”, not to shoot new scenes.

Hopefully, once the shoot gets started we’ll get some more details about what exactly they are filming. If you happen to stop by the set on Jan. 31 or Feb. 2, let us know about it at [email protected]!


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