More photos from the set of ‘Dexter’ filming in Long Beach, CA (incudes spoilers)

If you saw last night’s episode of Dexter, especially the previews for next week, you can see that Dexter and Lumen (Julia Stiles) are headed down a potentially dangerous road, especially considering Lumen wants Dex to become her mentor as she looks for revenge against her attackers but Harry is warning him against getting close to her.

On Friday, 10.1, Michael C. Hall & Julia Stiles proved Dexter and Lumen’s bond will continue to grow throughout the season as they shot a scene walking down the street and holding hands. One of our readers, Susan, caught them filming together in Long Beach, CA.

She also watched as Michael C. Hall shot a scene later that day in which Dexter, wearing his iconic thermal shirt and black gloves, catches his next victim. She told us that during the scene, Dexter takes out his needle, pushes a guy into the van and drives off.  SPOILER ALERT: If you look closely at the photo below, it looks like the man Dexter is talking to is might be the same guy Quinn asked to keep tabs on him in last night’s episode. I think its safe to say his days are numbered.

Check out all of Susan’s photos below:

[nggallery id=226]

On 9/27, while Michael C. Hall was promoting the show in New York City, his onscreen sister and real life wife, Jennifer Carpenter, was holding down the fort back in Long Beach, where they shot exterior scenes outside of the “Miami Commerce Bank”. David was lucky enough to meet Jennifer in between shots and he said she was very friendly. She even asked him if he was going to post her photo on Facebook, little did she know it would end up right here on OLV!

[nggallery id=227]

Thanks again to David and Susan for sharing their pictures! If you have set photos to share, let us know about them at [email protected]!



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