Fan Photos of Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Kate Winslet, Xavier Samuel & many more!

Below are a series of celebrity photos our readers have sent us over the past few weeks. Thanks to all the fans who shares their pics and stories with us! If you have any photos from a celebrity event or movie set you'd like to share, send them our way at [email protected]!

Denise caught Jay-Z and P. Diddy leaving The Late Show with David Letterman on June 21.

Larry met Lady Gaga outside of Carnegie Hall before the Rainforest concert back in May.

Stu had a great view of Mel B. in the NYC Gay Pride Parade two weeks ago.

Lee accidentally ran into the Big Time Rush/Jordin Sparks concert in Times Square last month. Read all about it here.

Manuel spotted Bradley Cooper filming a scene for The Dark Fields back in May.

Lee caught Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf filming in Harlem.

She also spotted Tatum O'Neal on the set of Rescue Me. You can see more of Lee's Rescue Me photos here.

@tattooedknitgrl spooted John Krasinski filming a scene for Something Borrowed in NYC early last month.

We stopped by the set of Higher Ground, which is currently filming in Kingston, NY, and watched Vera Farmiga direct a book store from afar.

@futurelawyerJD caught Kate Winset on the set of Mildred Pierce last month.

Bob sent us this video he took of Mildred Pierce filming in Queens.

@imjust_theresa watched Larry David filming a scene for Curb Your Enthusiasm last week in NYC.

Ashley met Smallville's Tom Welling at at the CW Upfronts back in May. She said as he was making his way out the building her friend told Tom that Ashley was his biggest fan and he came over to meet her. She explained, "He said, 'So you're my biggest fan?', pulling me into a hug. I said, 'Yeah, I've been a fan since the pilot', then my friend said, 'She flew to Vancouver to see you'. He looked over at me and said, "oh ya you did?' And I replied, 'yeah but security wouldn't let me go over, I had to stand behind bushes'. He then gives me this music to my ears laugh (how was I still standing?) so then I asked him if he can sign for me and of course he does, he asked me for my name and writes Ashley and underneath it, Tom Welling. I then had the courage to ask him if I could take a picture with him, and he said, 'yeah, sure, here we go', so I stood on the barricade to get a bit more height I put my arm around him and he leans over we are literally CHEEK to CHEEK with each other! After the picture he thanks me for being such a good fan!"

Kim had the pleasure of meeting Tim DeKay on the set of White Collar, while they were filming in NYC back in May.

Tom met 'Real Housewife' Danielle Staub (a.k.a the ''prostitute whore') at a party at Lucky Strike in NYC recently. He commented that, "Lori Micheals, who Danielle Staub sang with on Bravo two weeks ago, is definitely quite a bit more than her friend. They were very kissy, all snuggled up and intertwined the entire time. I chatted with Danielle a bit, complimented their performance, Danielle said, 'Yeah thanks'. I also mentioned that I live in town with the Manzo's and she said, 'I feel sorry for you honey'."

Tom also met LL Cool J at a book signing back in May and said that he was "probably one of the coolest celebs you could ever meet." Check out our Events Calendar above for information about upcoming celebrity book signings.

Our friends over at HollyYork got a glimpse of Xavier Samuel at Lincoln Center Saturday night.


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