Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Ryan Reynolds & Jason Bateman are all headed to Georgia this fall

39857, MAUI, HAWAII - Friday April 23 2010. Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler & Dave Matthews all continue night shooting for Just go with it in Hawaii. There seemed to be a good atmosphere on set as the stars all chatted to each other and to crew members between takes. Photograph: Will Binns,

Two new comedies with all-star casts will be shot in Georgia this fall.

First up, Wanderlust, which reunites Jennifer Aniston and her The Object of My Affection co-star, Paul Rudd. The pair play a flaky New York couple who long for a home of their own, but because of their poor finances, they end up moving to Georgia to live with his brother. En route to their new home, they stop at a B&B which turns out to be a commune filled with nudists, pot smoking and orgies (rumor has it, Aniston’s character, Linda, has sex with two men and a woman who gives birth moments later).

The second comedy, slated to film in Georgia this September, is The Change Up which stars Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman as two guys who switch bodies. Bateman’s character is an uptight family man while Reynolds plays a a lazy man-boy leaving us to believe the “change up” leads to some very awkward situations for both of them. Let the hilarity ensue!

In other Georgia news, the Atlantic Journal Constitution claims that The Fast and The Furious Five may be filming in metro Atlanta sometime soon. Though it could be possible, we’ve already reported the majority of shooting will be done in Arizona and Puerto Rico.

And, finally, its also rumored that Mean Girls 2 (yes, they’re making a sequel to that too now) will begin shooting in Atlanta in August.


  1. What does it take to be able to get a part for this, Its something that i think i would fit the bill for!!! who do i send resumes into?

    • what state are you in? this is the last week they are casting but i can help if you fit this discription We are looking for one additional guy that can fit a uniform with a 35 or small 36 waist, again clean cut type and needs to be available this afternoon. Email recent photo and all sizes and contact info to: [email protected] ASAP

      • Hi there, sorry for such a late reply, I am actually living in the Uk and was hoping for acting parts if any become available.
        Thanks and many regards,


  2. Thank you again Jennifer For choosing my daughter for the main baby in your movie… even though she played a new born baby boy…The placenta scene was a little ewwwww for me but it was great… Now if you come across any of the pictures that you took with Na-Lani please let me know….see you soon…Chantel


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