Vampires in New Jersey

PARAMUS, NJ –  Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley recently promoted their hit new show The Vampire Diaries at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, NJ on January 30,  presented by Hot Topic.

Vampire Diaries
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Snippets from the Q&A:

Q:  Who would you have guest star on The Vampire Diaries?

Ian:  Steven Colbert

Q: What do you do for fun between filming episodes in Atlanta?

Ian: It’s kind of  boring actually.  We don’t really get time off between filming.  This is our time off, this is where we want to spend it right here (on tour with fans).

Paul:  We’re so happy to do it.

Q: Nina, do you miss cast members from DeGrassi?

Nina:  We all still keep in touch.  I miss them.

Q: Nina & Paul:  Where did you guys learn your amazing dance skills?

Paul:  I grew up dancing.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Paul:  The best, most embarrassing moment had to be for Nina.  She was playing Katherine and wearing this sexy long beautiful dress.  She’s like “Kiss me boys” and starts running backwards and it was like va-voom.

Ian:  Fabric and feet are just up in the air.

Paul & Nina:  CUT!!!  ::laughing::

Paul:  That should be in the bleeper reel.

Ian: That would be an amazing bleeper reel.

Q:  Paul, can you say something in polish?

Paul:  ::speaks polish::  I asked her where the restroom is.

Q:  Team Elena where you at?

Ian and Paul:  I’m on team Elena.

Q: Nina, which team are you on?

Nina:  I’m on team Def-an

Ian:  That would be if Stefan and Damon had a brother.

Nina:  or team Salvatore.

Q: Will there be a second season?

Paul: I would hope.

Nina: Would you guys like a second season?

Fans:  Cheer loudly


The CW’s The Vampire Diaries 2010 three stop National Mall Tour included Atlanta, GA, Paramus, NJ and will conclude on February 13th with a final stop in Canoga Park, CA.

Meet and greet the cast of The Vampire Diaries at the final HT+1 exclusive  event.  If tickets are sold out, there’s still a 20 minute Q&A to enjoy.


Just purchase The Vampire Diaries Event T-shirt for $25 at the Westfield Topanga Hot Topic location ONLY and receive a wristband** that guarantees you the opportunity to meet the cast members on February 13th at 4pm. Plus, join us in the center court immediately following the signing for a Q&A session that’s open to the public! Need more info? Then call the Westfield Topanga Hot Topic at 818.348.8440.

Still want more? Head over to the center court approximately 45 minutes before the Q&A session to see a LIVE PERFORMANCE with A Fine Frenzy that’s open to the public!


  • Buy tickets in advance before the event is sold out.  Call ahead to make sure it isn’t already. (818.348.8440)
  • Get on line to meet the cast at least 3 hours earlier so that you get a good spot at the public Q&A event afterward.
  • While you’re not allowed to take pictures at the event, try putting your camera in video mode. Don’t zoom in, don’t be obvious, and hope you don’t get caught.

Tonight’s Episode Preview – Children of the Damned

OLV Ice Breaker CONTEST! Check out for more information.  Deadline:  Feb 19th, 2010

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