Movie and TV Filming Locations for 1.11.10 including ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Henry’s Crime’

Here’s a look at some of what’s filming in L.A., San Francisco and NYC today. If you know of any other filming locations, let us know about it at [email protected]!

Trauma is filming at the UN Plaza in San Francisco.

Dinner for Schmucks, starring Steve Carell,  is filming at 218 W 3rd St in Los Angeles.

Before the After is filming at 111 N Hope in Los Angeles.

An NBC production called the VJ Campaign is filming at E. 3rd St & Traction Ave in Los Angeles.

Henry's Crime, starring Keanu Reeves, is filming in Tarrytown, NY for the next few days at the comer of Main St and Rte 9 in an abandoned bank building in the center of town. Shooting moves to Tarrytown Music Hall, a 125 yr old theater a block away after that. (Thanks BG!)

Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, continues filming at Purchase College this week.

Gossip Girl is filming at E 69th and Madison Ave in NYC. (Thanks to JC and Sarah!)

Law and Order: CI is filming around 27th Ave and 14th St in Astoria, Queens.  (Thanks Nate!)




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    Here are a couple more locations:

    Looks like Law and Order is filming around Rugby Rd and Beverly Rd in Brooklyn. (Thanks Kate!)

    SATC2 is filming in Silvercup again.

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      L & O location was also filming at Brooklyn College today. Location above may have just been holding or a secondary location. (Thanks ot Kate for the update)

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    Does anyone know if ‘Its Kind of a Funny Story’ is still filming? Someone asked over the weekend and I haven’t heard anything in a long time- forgot all about actually. 🙂

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    Has anyone seen anything for the Bollywood movie shooting in NYC, I think the signs might say ‘untitled’ still lots of interest in it, got a few emails about it over the weekend.

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    I hope those of you visiting GG set today have a better experience than those did on Friday! Good luck & if you can give us some hints as to is there 🙂 thanks.

  5. 21

    i headed back to my apartment for a bit–got a little cold. But everyone on set over there was super nice, willing to talk yada yada. Didn’t see anyone other than Penn and Ed (and Ed only from a distance). Everyone also seemed very cold–so if they didn’t seem “nice” I wouldn’t take it personally, just very cold.

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    Blake and Chace are there

    K => they are playing a game (everyone except Blair and Chuck), i guess each one has a target and they have to catch the polaroid pic of their target…

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    Does anyone know what the event is at henri bendel that leighten and ed are going to be at and is anyone allowed to go or is this just for filming ? Thanks

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    just got back from the set.Penn, Chace and Blake was on set when I left.Nate and Serena doesn’t look happy,nate left her with Dan. i think there is a few more scenes to shoot.

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    This isn’t really movie related but interesting none the less:
    just got an email from artists den in NYC:

    there will be a secret/special performance by

    Ringo Starr
    with Ben Harper and Relentless 7

    Thursday, January 14
    New York City
    11 am Doors
    12 pm Music

    To RSVP, visit

    If selected to attend, you will be emailed venue details.

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    New York Film Critics Circle Awards are being held right now at Crimson. George Clooney and Elisabetta were photographed on their way in. Also Jeremy Renner and others from Hurt Locker, James Gandolphini, Amy Ryan, Wes Anderson and Christopher Waltz, to name a few.

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    Hey does anyone know if gossip girl will be filming again this week? They are no longer filming at madison ave and 69th! 🙁

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