Filming Locations for October 5, 2009


The Zookeeper, starring Kevin James,  is filming at Nissenbaum’s Auto Parts, 486 Columbia St, Somerville, MA. (Thanks @LoadedGun!)

Los Angeles:

CSI is filming at 3545 Foothill Blvd E, Pasadena, CA.

Dexter is filming in the 3300 block of 1st St, Long Beach, CA.

New York City:

Gossip Girl is filming around 71st street and Madison Ave, most likely filming in Central Park. (Thanks Anon!) Don’t Forget: If you get pics you can send them to us at [email protected] or share them on our Facebook page!

Sex and the City 2 is filming in studio yet again today. Still need a fix? Check out On Location Tours’ SATC Tour and use promo code OLV09 for a 10% discount!

The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon is filming around W 4th between Perry and W 12th St, signs also spotted nearby on 11th and Greenwich Ave, NYC. (Thanks!) The movie is also scheduled to film at 30 Bank Pl. FYI: Signs were also spotted on Pioneer St between Commercial Wharf and Imlay St in Red Hook, Brooklyn but I think these are for tomorrow. (Thanks @Newyorkology and Anon!)

Damages is filming on 11th and 12th Streets between 5th and 6th Ave, signs also spotted at 12th and University in NYC. (Thanks  Francis, A-M, Felicity, M, and E)

Law and Order signs spotted on Reade between Centre and Broadway, NYC, 7 am to 10 pm. (Thanks Claudine!)


Secretariat is filming at Churchill Downs all week.

Mercy is filming at Jersey Ave & Wayne St in Jersey City, New Jersey. (Thanks Stephen!)

White Collar, a new USA series, is filming around Riverside Dr and 107th in NYC.

Fast Forward, a new FOX series, is filming in downtown Atlanta today.

How To Make It In America, a new HBO series, is filming around Forsythe and Broome St, NYC.

I just retweeted: Little Fockers is filming in Lincoln Park beginning today though I’m not sure how accurate it it. Update: Found this today too: (via @chicagoben) Little Fockers filming in Grant Park today near Michigan & Roosevelt…saw Blythe Danner and Robert De Niro.

We heard The Beaver is filming in Rye, NY too but didn’t get any other details.

One Tree Hill is currently filming in Circa 1922 in downtown Wilmington.  Set up to film at Clothes Over Bros later. (Thanks Britany!!)

Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition is filming in St. Paul, Minnesota this week. (Thanks Toby!)

Almost Perfect is filming at W 57th between 5th and 6th Ave. (Thanks Tiffany!)

Update RE: 24 in NYC: They are back in the studio in L.A.

Eclipse is filming at Bella’s house in Surrey today. (Thanks @annechantal)


  1. Law and Order: Criminal Intent begins filming on Oct 16 and fans want anyone who plans on going to the set to bring Fluff- yes the marshmallow stuff. Hopefully we’ll have some filming info so you can know where to bring your jar of Fluff. 🙂

    I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about it, here’s the gist of why they want people to bring fluff:

    The members of the are shipping 10 cases of Marshmallow Fluff to USA network in NYC, timed to arrive the day LO:CI starts shooting the final episode with Dets. Goren & Eames. (Oct 16th) The message: Stuff the Fluff. No Goren & Eames=No LO:CI.

    The Fluff campaign was inspired by speculation in the press that the mass firings of LO:CI stars(except Jeff Goldblum) might have had something to do with the darkness of the Det. Goren character contrasted with the “lighter, fluffier” style of other original series at USA. The USA LO:CI Forum fans are asking anyone going to the October 16-November 6 shootings to bring a jar of Marshmallow Fluff in solidarity.

  2. I’m fairly certain tomorrow is an on loc shoot for SVU. If anyone is heading to the city and has a spare minute, please keep your eye out for signs. Thank you!!

    • Somebody just posted this on another forum:

      “Hey guys,

      Going over lions gate bridge towards the north shore there were a whole bunch of SFI signs pointing into Stanley Park. I think they just put them up cuz they weren’t there when I drove into downtown at around 8 this morning.”

  3. Anyone in a celtic band in Boston? Boston Casting needs extras:

    Boston Casting is seeking a 4 person Celtic Band to work as background performers on the film Wichita.

    The job would shoot in the Boston Area on Thurs Oct. 22nd.

    Each band member will receive background rate plus a bump for bringing your instrument as a prop. Depending on how long you are on set, (typically 9-12 hours), you should expect to make around $90-$100 for the day.

    As well as being available for the shoot date, wardrobe may want to meet with you ahead of time on Thurs Oct. 15th in Boston as well.

    We are only looking for band members to work as extras, you will not be playing your own music. This is more for the fun of just being in a movie than anything else.

    If interested and available, please email a photo and contact information to [email protected].

  4. If anyone managed to get pics from the Gossip Girl set today, may you please share them. 🙂 I really want to see Ed and Leighton. It’s been so long since we’ve had photos of them. Thanks!

  5. The Beaver was at Rye Playland today. They didn’t arive until around 11a (passed the trucks). Probably filming some car scene (had one on a trailer)


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