Filming Locations for September 23, 2009

Love and Other Drugs is filming on Bartlett Street (between Murray and Wightman Streets) in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh through 9.26.Β  (Thanks Stef!)

SVU will be filming at W 130th tomorrow between Lenox and 5th, NYC from 6am to 2 am. (Thanks Jessica!) UPDATE: SVU will be at this location tomorrow.

Signs for SVU for today were spotted this morning around Frederick Douglass Blvd & W 127th St, NYC.

The Other Guys is filming on 34th between Park and Lexington, signs also spotted on 33rd between Lex and Madison in NYC. (Thanks Chelsie and Kim!) They also started filming in Albany, NY today but no stars will be there.

Law and Order is filming on Beach St in Manhattan.

Big Love is filming at 430 Madeline Dr, Pasadena, CA

Bones is filming at 740 S. Broadway, Los Angeles on 9.23, 12:00 A.M. – 7:00 A.M.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is filming at Templeton Secondary School, Vancouver.


The Beaver is filming at the same location, around Pleasant Ridge Rd and North St in Harrison, NY.

The Beautiful Life indoor shoot on 41st between 6th and 7th, NYC. (Thanks Lili!) UPDATE: Also heard they are in studio today.

Ugly Betty is filming on 7th St between 2nd and 3rd Aves in NYC. (Thanks Emily!)

Heroes is filming at 99 S. Raymond St, Pasadena, CA.

The Town is still filming at Fenway Park.

Wall Street 2 is filming around Chelsea Piers, NYC.

Eclipse is filming at Camp Howdy in Belcarra Regional Park in Port Moody, B.C. (Thanks joeschmoe!) Check out our Eclipse Filming Locations Open Thread for more info too!

Red Dawn is filming in Royal Oak, MI again today.

Upcoming Filming Locations

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The Adjustment Bureau is in studio today at the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

Sex and the City 2 is in studio.

Gossip Girl is in studio.

Here’s a reminder about how to read NYC filming permit signs. Some of the signs have changed but there are still plenty of these around. Also, don’t forget, SATC2 sings say Avery Pix and Gossip Girl signs now say Warner Bros Untitled Project so be on the look out!


  1. Supernatural anyone? The arrows read SN or at least they used to. Any ideas even in terms of burnaby, coquitlam etc. and I’d love you forever πŸ˜€

  2. The Adjustment Bureau: Shooting today at a stage somewhere.

    I missed last Saturday’s shoot at the Waldorf and am very curious to know exactly what they filmed there please. Many Thanks..

  3. Something is being filmed on 41st and Park… there is a car crash scene and a homeless man covered in debris in this scene… does anyone know what they are filming?

      • i saw the crash scene too on 41st and Park…what could a film crew do, if you chose not to “obey” and just walked right through their set? i mean they donΒ΄t have the right to physically move you right? they also cannot arrest you i assume…i was told to get off my bike and walk…i was very tempted to bitchslap the asshole, but i managed not to…with the general assembly going on, an elusive copster might have showed up after all!

        • Jason,

          The production assistants and others in the film crew cannot stop you from walking through public property at anytime. The film permits do not grant any type of eminent domain to these people. People let themselves get bullied, if anybody even touches you, legalities come into play. This includes you striking anybody else. I can never understnad why the cops assigned to the film shoots do so very little to control the public when need be. They have no authority telling you to walk your bike.

          They also at times rope off sidewalks which is illegal.
          You are also allowed to videotape whatever you want during a film shoot. I have seen punk PA’s tell tourists that they cannot take pics, video, etc. Absolutely untrue!!! Tell them you work for a big law firm!!!

          Anybody hassles you, complain to the police. Don’t brother calling the Mayor’s film office. They will not side with you whatsoever.

          • Movie set PA’s often times take it upon themselves to intimidate or bully anyone who comes close to the set to shoot video or take pictures. Even a lowlife scum like a movie set security guard can —if they are *ssholes in real life—make it difficult for a non-professional to take pictures on the set. Next, production d*ckheads who wield the mighty umbrella—to shield the celebrity from photographers (95% of the time this does not work!).

            BOTTOM LINE: As long as you stay on public property such as the sidewalk–and not impede foot and vehicular traffic—then you’re fine. The cops on the set, such as in L.A. county, are mostly retired and are on set only to maintain traffic order. If a crime is committed and they witnessed it—all they can do is make a citizen’s arrest and call 911.

            Fans in NY are lucky they can get too close to the celebrity. In LA that’s never heard off as production people (99%) are d*ckheads who will bend over backwards to make sure none of us (fans and paps alike) get a shot of the celebrity—even though the celebrity don’t really give a damn.
            I’ve learned how to deal with d*ckheads on movie sets. It is in fact a challenge and feel so good to outwit these dumb*sses in their own ballgame. No wonder I’ve come to love to cover movie sets….

            • There was a PA trying to rudely tell folks to move back. The cop next to me joked “I’m not about to get killed over this guy (PA)”

              He was referring the guys attitude provoking the crowd instead of controlling the crowd.

          • 5:47 L.A. Time:

            GREEN HORNET was/is filming by Sunset and La Cienega near Sunset Plaza. Cameron Diaz is not on set. There’s also a movie set at The Standard Hotel on Sunset. This could be Sugarbaby (a UK all-girls band) filming their latest music video.

            HEROES was/is filming in Pasadena, but none of the big stars are on the set—-only Mohinder Suresh and Ando Masahashi.

            CSI-MIAMI is filming in Long Beach. This is an interesting show to follow since Eddie Sibrian, Lee Anne Rimes new boyfriend and co-star at Northern Lights, was just added to the show as one of the detectives working with David Caruso.

            I found the OLIVER’S ARROW (aka INCEPTION) set around 1:30 pm today, but my colleagues requested for a movie set info embargo on this one. Sorry…..Saw Leo DiCaprio (I call him “the b*tch from Doheney Drive” each time he comes within shouting distance from me) and Ellen Page’s trailers as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s.
            They’re still setting up for what may be a night shoot tonight….

  4. Is it just me or is it intense in here haha. Any SN news peeps. I know I’m such a stickler for repeating questions, I just REALLY wanna know. πŸ™

  5. i saw signs for miami on ocean blvd, long beach… there were some grip trucks on ocean and temple.. then there more signs of miami , com and wilson on ocean..

  6. reading some of the hate comment are funny πŸ™‚ espcially having worked on a set and knowing what its like from the inside.. anyway, i thought id be nice and tell u that if someone tells u they are filming a mayonays comrcial, dont believe it.. its just a code people use it on set to get people uninterested…

  7. I work on park and 32. They are setting up to film on/around the northeast corner of 33 and park for will ferrell. Not ready yet but seems like it will be soon.

  8. Will anyone go to the SVU location today? I am thinking about going after work, but was wondering who will be there. I would love to see Chris.

  9. Are there any posters in the Vancouver area who will be able to tell us about “The A-Team” filming. According to some posters on IMDB, they are working in Kamloops right now.


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