Filming Locations for September 8, 2009

Sex and the City 2 is filming around 58th Street between 6th and 7th Ave, signs also spotted on 59th between 5th and Madison in NYC too.They will be at this location tomorrow too. (Thanks NYCAnon, Jen & Dash!)

30 Rock is filming near W 26th and Broadway, NYC. Update: filming this afternoon on 26th between 5th and 6th. (Thanks Danny!)

You Don’t Know Jack, starring Al Pacino, might be filming on Ave U between Nostrand and Coleman in Brooklyn. Filming spotted over the weekend, we’re not sure if they are still there or not. If anyone checks it out, let us know! (Thanks Correy!) Update: Might be filming around Clinton and Pierrepont Streets, Brooklyn today too/instead. (Thanks Carrie!)

The Oprah Winfrey Show is filming their season kick off with the Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson near the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Ohio Street in Chicago.

Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, is filming at 617 W. 7th St, Los Angeles.

The Town, starring Ben Affleck and Blake Lively, is filming at Neptune Oyster located at 63 Salem St in the North End (of Boston). (Thanks @LoadedGun!)

We received a tip that Eclipse might be filming this morning at Robert Burnaby Park. (Thanks Michael!) Find out more about what’s happening with the shoot at our Eclipse Open Thread.

Here are our updated EVENTS for September. Make sure you check it out, we’ve listed several new events featuring Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore, Edie Falco and Taylor Momsen– and that’s just for this week!

And here are our updated UPCOMING LOCATIONS– we just added our first locations for The Green Hornet and Wall Street 2 filming this week!

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  1. Charlie St. Cloud is rumored to be in Gibsons BC today, possibly down by Molly’s Reach. And also a rumor but they said, like usual Zac will sign stuff and do pics at the end of the shooting day.

    • There are signs all over block in Bayside Queens that it will be filming and you cant park on oct 6th and 7th. I already see crews all around.

    • It’s only water testing tonight for Inception. The actors will not be there. The testing the props for rain falling off the side of the building.

  2. Why aren’t the locations posted the night before anymore here? By the time its posted half the shooting is done for the day. Also is TBL still filming?

  3. You Don’t Know Jack is filming in the courthouse in Brooklyn. No one is allowed in the courtroom, but you can go up to the room if you want to go through a bunch of security


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